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Dr Renee Paulet

Senior Lecturer, Management





Gippsland Campus, Online


Dr Renee Paulet’s research focuses on human resource management (HRM) and staffing organisations. Dr Paulet has developed a body of research spanning topics from the impact of place on HRM, HRM in call centres, and managing HR in small businesses.

More recently, Renee has begun exploring the field of sustainable HRM, with a focus on the role of employees in achieving an organisations’ sustainability objectives. She is committed to providing quality higher education to business students and is researching continuous improvement of teaching to off-campus students through peer review of online teaching practices. This research has resulted in the development of an online teaching peer review framework, several publications, and a VC Citation for Teaching Excellence Award.

Renee received her PhD from Monash University in 2006 and is currently a Lecturer in management at Federation University Australia. She has worked for the University and its predecessors for 20 years.

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