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Ms Rachel Taylor

Lecturer, Management

Management & Marketing


Management & Marketing


Mt Helen Campus, Online

A gendered therapeutic learning landscape: Responding creatively to a pandemic

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Ties That Bind or Exclude? Knitting and Craft Groups as Contested Spaces of Inclusion and Exclusion

Discovering the inner-outer self in a time of endings and a time of beginnings

Organizational Pathways for Social Innovation and Societal Impacts in Disability Nonprofits

Using data from a sample of 301 Australian disability nonprofit organizations (NPOs), this study...

Social Innovation in Disability Nonprofits: An Abductive Study of Capabilities for Social Change

This study uses an abduction-based approach to identify the capabilities harnessed by nonprofit...

Transformed management scholarship and ways forward for exploring social innovation in organizations

Inspired by recent calls for a transformation of management scholarship, we conduct a scoping...

Building Theories-in-Practice on Social Innovation in Disability Nonprofit Organizations

This chapter discusses the key theoretical and empirical steps undertaken throughout the authors'...

Thriving Within the Turbulence: A Complexity Theorizing Approach to Social Innovation by Nonprofit Organizations

This chapter embraces complexity theory as a basis for theorizing social innovation in...

Leaping Into Real-World Relevance: An “Abduction� Process for Nonprofit Research

Positioned in the midst of the heated debate about the production of relevant and usable...