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Dr Qingguo Zhai

Senior Lecturer, Management





Mt Helen Campus, Online

Networking of corporate universities in knowledge management: evidence from China

Thriving at work as a mediator of the relationship between workplace support and life satisfaction

Does ISO 9000 certification benefit service firms?

This paper examines whether ISO 9000 certification benefits service firms in terms of their...

The knowledge management functions of corporate university and their evolution: case studies of two Chinese corporate universities

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the knowledge management functions of...

Self-disclosure in Chinese micro-blogging: A social exchange theory perspective

This paper examines the influence of social benefits and costs on self-disclosure in the context...

Understanding personal use of the Internet at work: An integrated model of neutralization techniques and general deterrence theory

This paper examines the influence of neutralization techniques, perceived sanction severity,...

Big Five personality traits, job satisfaction and subjective wellbeing in China

This paper examines the effect of the Big Five personality traits on job satisfaction and...

Understanding the violation of IS security policy in organizations: An integrated model based on social control and deterrence theory

It is widely agreed that a large amount of information systems (IS) security incidents occur in...

Workplace Guanxi: Its Dispositional Antecedents and Mediating Role in the Affectivity-Job Satisfaction Relationship

This paper examines dispositional sources of workplace guanxi and the mediating role of workplace...

Personal wellbeing among ethnic Koreans in China's Northeast

This study investigates personal wellbeing among a sample of ethnic Koreans in China's Northeast...

Working Guanzi and Organisational Committment: The dediating role of job satisfaction

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A study of the impact of environmental surroundings on personal well-being in urban China using a multi-item well-being indicator

We examine the relationship between atmospheric and water pollution, traffic congestion, access...

The influence of Big Five personality traits on subjective well-being: Mediation of job satisfaction

Determinants of personal well-being in urban China

The study investigates the relationship between environmental satisfaction and personal...

Personal Well-being in Urban China

This article reports the findings of a survey administering the personal well-being index (PWI)...

Subjective Well-being of China's Off-farm Migrants

Existing research applying the personal wellbeing index (PWI) in China is restricted to urban and...

Subjective well-being, personality and environmental satisfaction in Urban China

The changing face of state-owned enterprise management in China

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Validity of job satisfaction survey scale in Chinese

The aim of this study is to examine the factor structure of the scale of Job Satisfaction Survey...

Determinants of turnover intentions among Chinese off farm migrants

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Integrative approach to the situational and dispositional antecedents of job satisfaction

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The impact of gender differences on determinants of job satisfaction among Chinese off-farm migrants in Jiangsu

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The role of positive and negative affectivity on job satisfaction and life satisfaction

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Job satisfaction and its determinants among China's urban workforce

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