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Professor Philip Taylor

Professor, Management





Gippsland Campus, Online


Professor Philip Taylor has 30 years’ experience as a researcher, policy writer and advisor on workforce ageing. Dr Taylor is widely published on issues including individual orientations to work and retirement, employer behaviour towards older workers and public policy developments aimed at prolonging working life.

Philip has provided advice to senior politicians and served on a number of public committees in Australia, the UK and elsewhere. He has secured millions of dollars in major competitive grants internationally, and substantial consultancy funding from various Australian, British, European Union and Singaporean agencies, among others.

Philip is Head of Management and Marketing and Professor of Human Resource Management at Federation University Australia. He is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and Associate Editor of the Cambridge University Press journal Ageing & Society. Philip was the 2018 Australian Association of Gerontology Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow on the topic of work and ageing.

Drivers and patterns of early retirement in the neoliberal university

Indicators of job quality in the Australian aged care workforce: A scoping review

Psychological Effects Of Unemployment Across The Lifespan: A Synthesis Of Relevant Literature

Retiring Women: Work and Post Work Transitions (Ageing, Work and Welfare)

This book considers what work and retirement mean for older women, how each is experienced, and...

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Retiring Women: Work and Post Work Transitions (Ageing, Work and Welfare)

The enduring myth of endemic age discrimination in the Australian labour market

It has often been stated by older people's advocates that discrimination affecting older people...

Working Longer May Be Good Public Policy, But It Is Not Necessarily Good for Older People

Older people are facing a changed set of expectations regarding work and retirement. Until quite...

Ageism and age discrimination in the labour market and employer responses

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Everyday discrimination in the Australian workplace: Assessing its prevalence and age and gender differences

Objective: This study aimed to increase understanding of the nature and prevalence of...

"Regardless of age": Australian university managers' attitudes and practices towards older academics

As with other industrialized nations Australia's population is aging and older workers are...

A 'new deal' for older workers in the United Kingdom?

This chapter considers the factors that have influenced the well-documented decline in the...

Reconceptualising work-retirement transitions: Critiques of the new retirement and bridge employment

No Abstract

Resilient labour markets and demographic change in selected regions of the Netherlands

Although the population of the Netherlands is increasing, the population growth rate, even if...

Rethinking Advocacy on Ageing and Work’

Concerns about increasing welfare costs and shortfalls of labour supply have brought ...

  • Conference Proceedings

The workforce demographic shift and the changing nature of work: Implications for policy, productivity, and participation

Population ageing, coupled with economic uncertainty and a shifting workforce structure, has...

What's Age Got To Do With It? Towards a New Advocacy on Ageing and Work

  • Book

Australian employer usage of the practice of offering reduced working hours to workers close to retirement: Extent and determinants

AimThis study aimed to determine factors associated with the implementation by employers of the...

Bridging the grey divide: an international perspective on the ageing workforce and longer working lives


Contractual arrangements and the retirement intentions of women in Australia

Older women represent an increasing proportion of Australia’s paid labour force. Lacking is an...

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Discriminatory practices of older workers in an ageing residential care workforce

Job opportunities for older workers in the residential care sector are strong so there appears to...

Making the case for older workers

Against a background of population ageing, and with it, concomitant effects on social welfare...

Recent public policy and Australian older workers

This article considers the characteristics and utility of pro-work policies targeting Australian...

The Older Worker: Identifying a Critical Research Agenda

The roles that older workers play in labour markets has received a great deal of policy and...

The Social Construction of Retirement and Evolving Policy Discourse of Working Longer

This article is concerned with the evolving social construction of older workers and retirement....

Unmet demand for training among mature age Australians: Prevalence, differentials and perceived causes

Aim: To explore the prevalence of unmet demand for training by mature age Australians and to...

Falling between the cracks: Older women and organizational policy-making

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Is Workplace Flexibility Good Policy? Evaluating the Efficacy of Age Management Strategies for Older Women Workers

A combination of age and gender factors shape older women's workplace experiences. Age advocacy...

Recruitment and Selection of Older Workers

In recent decades there has been a shift in labor market public policy from a culture of early...

Retirement is a dream at 55, but not a reality. Can nurses work until 70?

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Falling between the cracks: Older women and employer policymaking

Until recently early retirement was the norm in many industrialised nations, but of late a new...

The role of partial retirement in organizational policy-making in Australia

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Everyday discrimination in the workplace, job satisfaction and psychological wellbeing: age differences and moderating variables

In this article we explore the importance of 'everyday discrimination' and other psycho-social...

Introduction: older workers in an ageing society

[No abstract available]

Managing older workers during a period of tight labour supply

This article reports on a recent survey of employer attitudes and policies towards older workers...

Managing the working body: active ageing and limits to the 'flexible' firm

Workforce ageing is considered in the context of four Australian employing organisations which...

Older Workers in an Ageing Society: Critical Topics in Research and Policy

Prolonging working lives is high on the agenda of policy makers in most of the world’s major...

Review: agendas in researching ageing and work

Working longer in a changing economy: will ageing populations mean ageing workforces?

Is early retirement history?

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Planning for an ageing workforce

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Promoting worker resilience over the lifecourse

Walking to wellness in an ageing sedentary university community: Design, method and protocol

Background: Older workers are less physically active and have a higher rate and cost of injury...

Age Equality in Education and Training

The issue of age and work has come to prominence in recent years, particularly among European...

Cross-national trends in work and retirement

European employer policies concerning career management and learning from a life-span perspective

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Older workers and organizational change: corporate memory versus potentiality

Population ageing in a globalizing labour market: Implications for older workers

This article concerns the changing nature of the relationship between age and the labour market....

Ageing and the labour market - A comparison of policy approaches

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Are European older workers on the verge of a ‘golden age’ of employment opportunities?

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The place of age in organisational policymaking: Evidence from an Australian qualitative survey

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Conclusions: The prospects for ageing labour forces

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Employees, employers and the institutions of work: The global competition for terrain in the ageing workforce agenda

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European Union policy for older workers

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Introduction: The promise of ageing labour forces

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Older workers, government and business: Implications for ageing populations of a globalising economy

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Sing if you're glad to be grey. Working towards a happier older age in the United Kingdom

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