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Dr Patrick O'Leary

Lecturer, Human Resources Management

Federation Business School




Mt Helen Campus, Online

Base pay purpose, structures and options

Managing employee performance and reward: Concepts, practices, strategies

Now in its second edition, Managing Employee Performance and Reward continues to offer...

Neo-liberal Policy and Employer Industrial Relations Strategies In The United States and Australia

  • Book Chapters

Neoliberal employer industrial relations strategies in the US and Australian meat industries

  • Journals

Employer Power and Weakness: How local and global factors have shaped Australia's meat industry and its industrial relations

  • Book

Multi-plant capacity, employer strategy and industrial conflict in meat processing: Hormel, USA (1985-86) and Portland, Australia (1988-89)

  • Conference Proceedings

Strategic Choices and Unintended Consequences: Employer Militancy in Victoria's Meat Industry, 1986-93

Concepts of strategic choice have become widely used in industrial relations, particularly as...

  • Journals

Strategic choice in the Australian Meat Processing Industry: A case study analysis

  • Conference Proceedings

The Portland Dispute, 1988-1989: A Watershed in Idustria; Relations in the Australian Meat Processing Industry

  • Conference Proceedings