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Critical incident 19/10/21
Berwick campus is closed under current Victorian Government lockdown restrictions. Click here for more information.

Dr Muthuraman Namasivayam

Research Associate, Carbon Technology Research Centre (CTRC)

School of Engineering, IT and Phys. Sci.




Gippsland Campus, Online

Role of molecularweight in polymer wrapping and dispersion of MWNT in a PVDF matrix

The thermal and electrical properties of a polymer nanocomposite are highly dependent on the...

Molecular Docking Interaction of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis LipB Enzyme with Isoniazid, Pyrazinamide and a Structurally Altered Drug 2, 6 Dimethoxyisonicotinohydrazide

Tuberculosis is an infectious airborne disease caused by a bacterial infection that affects the...

Factors affecting carbon nanotube fillers towards enhancement of thermal conductivity in polymer nanocomposites: A review

Thermally conductive polymer composites have opened up new possibilities in various applications...