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Associate Professor Kurt Seemann

Associate Professor, STEM Education





Gippsland Campus, Online

Mapping Computational Thinking and Programming Skills Using Technacy Theory

Digital Technologies as a compulsory subject was introduced in the Australian Curriculum to...

Workplace design for the Australian residential aged care workforce

Objectives: This research explored residential aged care (RAC) workplace design features that...

Culture in design, technology, and environment

Culture is a fuzzy kind of idea. We all point to it when we see it among others, but when asked...

Designing for cultural groups and humanization

Understanding, using and teaching the link between culture, ecology, and design and technology...

Design in tourism education: A design anthropology perspective

Tourism, hospitality, sport, leisure and events in the twenty-first century are increasingly...

The teaching of food technology in secondary schools

This paper presents findings from a recent Australian study that investigated perceptions of...

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Weaving virtual service networks into regional cities: "Nurture the body here, and offer the mind anywhere" - Anecdotes from the Coffs Harbour community forums to minimise carbon usage and maximise regional innovation

Almost all cities around the world are looking for ways to ease the pressure upon them where...

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Understanding connectivity of settlements: Implications of the power curve

Research on human settlements has traditionally focussed on one or a few descriptive or...

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The 'viability' and resilience of communities and settlements in desert Australia

There is a continuing policy debate about whether it is possible to have sustainable small...

Housing for sustainable livelihoods: The role of schooling and personalisation: Exploring links, gaps, and livelihood based principles

[No abstract available]

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Basic principles in holistic technology education

[No abstract available]