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Dr Katrina Callister

Research Associate, Arid Zone Ecology

School of Science, Psychology and Sport


Life Sciences


Mt Helen Campus, Online

Fire and Its Interactions With Other Drivers Shape a Distinctive, Semi-Arid ‘Mallee’ Ecosystem

Fire shapes ecosystems globally, including semi-arid ecosystems. In Australia, semi-arid ‘mallee’...

Animal movements in fire-prone landscapes

Movement is a trait of fundamental importance in ecosystems subject to frequent disturbances,...

An investigation of the soil seedbank and seed germination of perennial species in Belah (Casuarina pauper)woodlands in north-west Victoria

Semiarid and arid woodlands across much of southern Australia have been subject to prolonged high...

The effect of prescribed burning on plant rarity in a temperate forest

This study tested the hypothesis that adverse events are associated with increased risk of onset...

A field trial to test effects of watering, seed addition and disturbance on perennial species recruitment in Belah woodland

Failure of perennial species to regenerate is a significant threat to semi-arid woodlands across...

Historical maps from modern images: Using remote sensing to model and map century-long vegetation change in a fire-prone region

Understanding the age structure of vegetation is important for effective land management,...

Systematic fire mapping is critical for fire ecology, planning and management: A case study in the semi-arid Murray Mallee, south-eastern Australia

Fire is a natural disturbance process that shapes ecosystems worldwide and influences the...

Time-since-fire and inter-fire interval influence hollow availability for fauna in a fire-prone system

Tree hollows are a critical, yet potentially limiting habitat resource for many animal species....

Habitat or fuel? Implications of long-term, post-fire dynamics for the development of key resources for fauna and fire

Managing fire to achieve hazard reduction while providing for biodiversity conservation is...

A framework for mapping vegetation over broad spatial extents: A technique to aid land management across jurisdictional boundaries

Mismatches in boundaries between natural ecosystems and land governance units often complicate an...

Ageing mallee eucalypt vegetation after fire: Insights for successional trajectories in semi-arid mallee ecosystems

A critical requirement in the ecological management of fire is knowledge of the age-class...

Pre-European distribution, structure and composition of semi-arid woodlands of the Victorian Mallee

The semi-arid woodlands of the Victorian Mallee have been subject to extensive change since...

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Feasibility study for the use of small format large-scale aerial photography for vegetation condition assessment in north-west Victoria

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Vegetation condition assessment of the semi-arid woodlands of Murray-Sunset national park, Victoria

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The vegetation of Peery Lake area, Paroo-Darling National Park, Western New South Wales

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