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Dr Helen Weadon

Cooperative Education Coordinator

Management & Administration


Management & Administration


Mt Helen Campus, Online

A gendered therapeutic learning landscape: Responding creatively to a pandemic

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Ties That Bind or Exclude? Knitting and Craft Groups as Contested Spaces of Inclusion and Exclusion

Respite, renewal, retirement and tensions: Australian Men's Sheds and the impact on significant others

Community learning through adversity and disaster: An Australian case study of rural adaptation and resilience beyond paid work

Our paper uses a qualitative, case study approach to critically examine the role of community...

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OKC-enabled online knowledge integration: role of group heterogeneity and group interaction process

Purpose: Online knowledge integration has been an important concern of the online knowledge...

Thriving at work as a mediator of the relationship between workplace support and life satisfaction

Deviating from the norm: Innovative student pathways for successful TAFE/University transition

As a result of widened student participation, liberalisation and reform in the Australian...