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Dr Ernesto Valenzuela

Senior Lecturer, Economics





Berwick Campus, Online

What impact are subsidies and trade barriers abroad having on Australasian and Brazilian agriculture?*

This paper provides new estimates of the extent and economic effects of agricultural policies...

Adoption of Blockchain Technology in the Australian Grains Trade: An Assessment of Potential Economic Effects

Recent analysis of Blockchain use has highlighted considerable potential productivity gains...

The Global Trade Analysis Project's (GTAP's) database and CGE model as a tool for agricultural and environmental economic analysis

Agricultural policy as a barrier to global economic integration

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Are The Poverty Effects of Trade Policies Invisible?

Beginning with the WTOs Doha Development Agenda and establishment of the Millennium Development...

Climate change and food security to 2030: a global economy-wide perspective

The effects of climate change on agriculture raise major food security concerns. We use a global...

Wine export shocks and wine tax reform in Australia: Regional consequences using an economy-wide approach

We provide economy-wide modelling results of the national and regional implications of two...

Agricultural and trade policy reforms in Latin America: impacts on markets and welfare

Farm earnings in Latin America have been depressed by pro-urban and anti-trade biases in national...

Agricultural distortion patterns since the 1950s: what needs explaining?

Among the most important influences on the long-run economic growth and distribution of global...

Global welfare and poverty effects: linkage model results

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How would global trade liberalization affect rural and regional incomes in Australia?

Agricultural protection in rich countries, which had depressed Australian farm incomes via its...

Distorted agricultural incentives and Australian economic development

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General equilibrium effects of price distortions on global markets, farm incomes and welfare

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Global distortions to key commodity markets

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Impacts of trade reform: sensitivity of model results to key assumptions

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Measuring distortions to agricultural incentives, revisited

Notwithstanding the tariffication component of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture, import...

Methodology for measuring distortions to agricultural incentives

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Recent and prospective adoption of genetically modified cotton: a global computable general equilibrium analysis of economic impacts

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The softest subsidy: agricultural subsidy cuts, new biotechnologies, developing countries, and cotton

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The World Trade Organisation's Doha cotton initiative: a tale of two issues

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