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Professor Erik Eklund

Professor, History

School of Arts


Social Sciences & Humanities


Gippsland Campus, Online

Industrial Heritage Agents, Actors and Outcomes: Regional Case Studies from Broken Hill and the Latrobe Valley

Problematic places: two outsider journeys into the Latrobe Valley

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‘The Dreaded Pneumonic Influenza Has Made Its Appearance Amongst Us’: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918–19 in Gippsland, Victoria

This article contributes to our understanding of the 1918–19 influenza pandemic from a regional...

Afterword: Voice and agency from the geographical and academic edge

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Forum: Industrial sites and immigrant architectures. A case study approach

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Historical Cultures of Labour Under Conditions of Deindustrialization, first conference of the European Labour History Network, Turin, 14-16 December 2015

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Mandarins and Mavericks: Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005 [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Mandarins and Mavericks: Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005, by Martin Summons,...

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A Post-Carbon Future? Narratives of Change and Identity in the Latrobe Valley, Australia

The Latrobe Valley, Australia, is a resource community in transition. The post-carbon future has...

Creating a global industry? geology, capital, and company formation on the goldfields of the industrial age

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The australian assistance plan and the canadian connection: Origins and legacies

Within the context of the war on poverty and an acknowledgement of the wider global phenomenon of...

'There needs to be something there for people to remember': Industrial heritage in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, Australia

Newcastle is located on the east coast of Australia in the state of New South Wales (NSW). Coal...

A ‘program of such potential’: The Australian Assistance Plan

The Australian Assistance Plan (AAP) was an innovative programme of social welfare reform....

Negotiating industrial heritage and regional identity in three Australian regions

This article investigates the relationship between industrial heritage and regional identity...

Reach of the Imagination: the bold experiment of the Australian Assistance Plan

The changes we have made will remain-like all great Labor legislation-permanent landmarks in our...

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The Second Rush: Mining and the Transformation of Australia [Book Review]

Book Review of The Second Rush: Mining and the Transformation of Australia . By David Lee...

The State of Welfare: Comparative Studies of the Welfare State at the End of the Long Boom, 1965 to 1980

The period after 1945 saw a rapid growth in social welfare, with the state taking on increasing...

The Welfare State at the End of the Long Boom: Themes and Issues

The Australian Assistance Plan (AAP) was an innovative programme of social welfare reform....

"Developing a community soul": A Comparative Assessment of the Australian Assistance Plan in Three Regions, 1973-1977

The Australian Assistance Plan (AAP) was an innovative yet largely forgotten social welfare...

Earth and Industry: Stories from Gippsland

How have individuals and communities responded to change and interacted with the physical...

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Introduction: Towards a New Environmental History of Gippsland

There is a large part of south-east Australia which has a fascinating history that deserves a...

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Mining in Australia: An historical survey of industry-community relationships

The article sets out to provide an historical survey of the industry-community relationship in...

Novocastrian invovemant in the One Big Union

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The Maritime Strike and it's precursors at Newcastle 1860-90

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The Problem of Belonging: Contested Country in Australia Local History

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Case studies on food equity and access

Local governments have a governance responsibility to identify local solutions that support...

Company and labour loyalties in a Central Queensland gold mining town, 1882 to 1908

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Australian Convict Sites and the Heritage of Adaptation: The Case of Newcastle's Coal River Heritage Precinct

The Australian Government's successful nomination of eleven 'convict sites' for World Heritage...

Mining Towns: Making a Living, Making a Life

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Broken Hill: rethinking the significance of the material culture and intangible heritage of the Australian labour movement

Taking Broken Hill as an exemplar of Australian, indeed global, labour heritage, this paper...

Representing Militancy: Photographs of the Broken Hill Industrial Disputes, 1908-20

The Big Strike of 1919-20 was Broken Hill's greatest industrial battle but the photographic...

The margin as a centre: memory and identity in Broken Hill and Mount Isa

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10 June 1931. The Premiers' plan and the Great Depression: high politics and everyday life in an economic crisis

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Interview techniques in three different research scenarios

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The hidden proletarian past of Canberra

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Do you love the town you live in?': narratives of place from Australian mining towns

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Review of Greg Hall, Diane Michael and Jason Van Genderen's Lockout

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