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Dr Elizabeth Edmondson

Senior Lecturer, History/Sociology

School of Arts


Applied Media & Social Sciences


Gippsland Campus, Online


Dr Beth Edmondson is an internationally recognised scholar in social justice research that encompasses ethics, sustainable forms of political and economic organisation, governance and human security.

Dr Edmondson’s multidisciplinary research in environmental transitions, transformations and accountability focuses on new opportunities for sustainable human societies. Beth’s work engages with the politics of international climate change, and the importance of international governance mechanisms. She has led geographically dispersed, multidisciplinary research and publication teams to bring new insights into diverse fields, including climate change governance, business communications, health and wellbeing policies, and research in regional settings.

Beth is a Research Fellow in the Earth System Governance Project, and Panel Member of Academic Council on the United Nations System Panel of Experts. She received a national award for quality higher education publishing output from the Australasian Publishing Association in 2015 and led the co-design of Australia’s first regional health and wellbeing charter in 2017.

Accountable Governance and Transforming Climates: Where to Next?

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Introduction to Transformative Climates and Accountable Governance

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Located Research; Regional places, transitions and challenges

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Order and Accountability in Governing Transforming Environments

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Regional Contexts and Regional Research

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Selected Studies in Economic and Environmental Accountabilities- Section Two

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The Limits of States and Changing Regulatory Frameworks – Section One.

Interdisciplinary approaches aid understandings of sovereign states as central agents in...

Transformative Climates and Accountable Governance (Palgrave Studies in Environmental Transformation, Transition and Accountability)

This book explores the real-world consequences changing ideas and strategies have on effective...

Vulnerable researchers: Opportunities, challenges and collaborative co-design in regional research

Co-designed research is rightly promoted as offering opportunities for vulnerable or marginalised...

Beyond democratic tolerance: Witch killings in Timor-Leste

Climate Change and Order: The End of Prosperity and Democracy

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