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Dr Catherine Koerner

Lecturer, Community and Human Services

School of Arts


Social Sciences & Humanities


Berwick Campus, Online

Governance and Multiculturalism; The White Elephant of Social Construction and Cultural Identities

A key intervention in the growing critical literature on race, this volume examines the social...

The Socio-Legal Construction of Ahmadiyah as a Religious Minority by Local and National Government Policy: Restrictions before the Law, a Challenge for Religious Freedom in NTB, Indonesia

Within modern nations, unresolved violence toward minority groups without equality...

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White Australian identities and Indigenous land rights

Land has been central to debates about the relationship between Indigenous (First Nations) and...

Learning the past to participate in the future; Regional discourses of Australian colonial history

Indigenous curricula content, including particular narratives of Australian colonial history are...

Entering the moment of impossibility: Indigenous sovereignty and the white subject in Critical Race Theory

Utilising Derrida's notion of the impossible as a moment of critical breakthrough, Irene Watson...

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Child Protection Consultation in the Solomon Islands, Capacity Building or Welfare Colonialism

Since 2003, when the Solomon Islands ethnic conflict ended some of the Regional Assistance...

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In relationship with Indigenous Sovereignty

This paper critically examines the way that whiteness impedes a non-colonial present between many...

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"We're multicultural mate!": regional Australian discourses of multiculturalism and the reproduction of 'white Australia as a national identity

This paper considers the complexities of „everyday understandings‟ of multiculturalism as...

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The national narratives that construct asylum seekers as illegal immigrants in Australia were...

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Bringing Indigenous Sovereignties into university-community partnerships: Unpacking racialisation to re-engage Indigenous Australian students in education

educators need to approach learning not merely as the acquisition of knowledge but as the...

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Inspired Learning: Creating engaged teaching and learning environments for university and school students through university to school mentor programs

The Inspire Peer Mentor Program (Inspire) operates of Flinders University in the southern...

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