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Mr Cameron Van der Smee

Lecturer, Health and Physical Education





Berwick & Gippsland, Online


Cameron Smee is a Lecturer of health and physical education in the School of Education at Federation University Australia. Cameron’s primary research area is health and physical education, which he examines from a sociocultural perspective. His specific research interests include microsociology, interaction, pedagogy, curriculum, and the connection between the PE and the playground space.

Cameron has extensive experience conducting research with primary age children. He also has experience in conducting research projects that incorporate a variety of methodological approaches. His specific methodological expertise includes ethnography, interviews, video analysis, photo elicitations and map drawing.

Cameron completed his undergraduate degree in physical education in 2009 and then worked for five years as a classroom/PE teacher in the United States. He transitioned to graduate research by completing a Master’s degree in 2015. Cameron recently finished his PhD and continues to use his research to inform his teaching practice, and vice-versa.

Capturing the moment: understanding embodied interactions in early primary physical education

Background: Several studies demonstrate the benefits of understanding explicit and tacit embodied...