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Dr Brian Wattchow

Senior Lecturer, Health and Physical Education/Outdoor Environmental Education

School of Education


Education (Gippsland)


Gippsland Campus, Online

“Immersed within the rock itself”: Student experiences rock climbing in outdoor education

Young surfers finding their wave: telling the tale of enskilment in surf places

Place-Responsiveness in Outdoor Environmental Education

The pedagogic moment: Enskilment as another way of being in outdoor education

This theoretical paper aims to contribute to the debate about a perceived activity-environment...

Foreword; Touchstones for deterritorializing socioecological learning

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Learning a landscape Enskilment, pedagogy and a sense of place

Our goal in this chapter is to pose, and respond to, a deceptively simple question: How do...

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Enskillment and place-responsiveness, A way of life

Programming for Place-Responsiveness: Enhancing Adventure Learning and Outdoor Travel

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Standing then floating: Searching for a sense of sea-place on the South Coast of Australia

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The mirror of the sea: Narrative identity, Sea kayak expeditioning and implications for outdoor adventure education

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Becoming a socio-ecological educator

Acknowledging the multi-layered nature of a socio-ecological frame, this chapter highlights...

Conclusions and future directions: A socio-ecological renewal

At the heart of this book has been the acknowledgment that there exist different ways of seeing...

Preface to The Socioecological Educator: A 21st Century Renewal of Physical, Health, Environment and Outdoor Education

Starting with stories: The power of socio-ecological narrative

In this first chapter we felt it important to introduce the editors of the book via a series of...

The Socioecological Educator: A 21st Century Renewal of Physical, Health, Environment and Outdoor Education

This volume offers an alternative vision for education and has been written for those who are...

Through curriculum renewal: An aotearoa-New Zealand case study

The first of the case study chapters provides a compelling example of how a socio-ecologically...

Through outdoor education: A sense of place on Scotland's river spey

Outdoor education is often thought of as a series of adventurous activities or journeys through...

Landscape and a sense of place: A creative tension

The water of life: creative non-fiction and lived experience on an interdisciplinary canoe journey on Scotland's River Spey

This paper focuses on an educational encounter between staff, students and the River Spey,...

Ecopoetic Practice: Writing the Wounded Land

In this article the author discusses the experience of poetic writing as a form of...

A Pedagogy of Place, Outdoor Education for a Changing World

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