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Dr Alana Hewitt

Senior Lecturer, Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy


Gippsland Campus, Online

Exploring emotional and social competencies in undergraduate students: Perspectives from CALD and non-CALD students

Factors contributing to the mental health outcomes of carers during the transition of their family member to residential aged care: a systematic search and narrative review

Professionalism, Resilience and Reflective Thinking: How Do These Influence Occupational Therapy Student Fieldwork Outcomes?

Baccalaureate occupational therapy students' development of social and emotional competencies

Nothing to lose: a phenomenological study of upper limb nerve transfer surgery for individuals with tetraplegia

Women's experiences of birth trauma: A scoping review

Exploring the relationship between resilience and practice education placement success in occupational therapy students

Professionalism as a Predictor of Fieldwork Performance in Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Students: An Exploratory Study

The impact of carer status on participation in healthy activity and self-reported health among Australian women over 50 years

Life stories support staff and relatives to see, hear and understand people with dementia living in a nursing home as a whole person

Intrarater reliability and other psychometrics of the health promoting activities scale (HPAS)

Retirement: What will you do? A narrative inquiry of occupation-based planning for retirement: Implications for practice