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Higher Degrees by Research Office

Higher Degree by Research Administration
Professor Fadi Charchar Dean of Graduate Studies 5327 6098
Associate Professor Wendy Wright Associate Dean Research Training 5122 6854
Ms Emily Hearnshaw
(Mon-Fri 9-2)
Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies 5327 6173
Ms Rebekah Bailey Team Leader, Higher Degrees by Research 5327 9059
Ms Lauren James Administrative Support Officer 5327 9302
Ms Linda Butler
Research Officer 5122 6345
Ms Irene Hall
(Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri)
Research Officer 5122 6446
Ms Meg Merrylees
Administrative Support 9896
Research Training
Dr Rob Watson Graduate Program Coordinator 5327 9725
Ms Paula Di Maria Coordinator, Research Training & Development 5122 6591

Research Services

Officer of the Director, Research Services
Ms Amy HunterDirector, Research Innovation & 
Ms Emily Hearnshaw
(Mon-Fri 9-2)
Administrative Assistant 5327 6173
Research Funding
Ms Tina D'Urbano Team Leader, Research Funding 5122 6872
Ms Jane Eltringham Coordinator, Research Funding 5327 6735
Ms Jodie Parkinson           Coordinator, Research Contracts 5327 9949
Research Governance
Ms Katie Donnelly
Manager, Research Strategy and Policy 5327 9526
Ms Lauren Quinlan
(Tue & Fri)
Coordinator, Research Integrity and Policy

5327 6481
Ms Fiona Koop Coordinator, Research Ethics 5327 9765
Ms Jill Boatman
Research Support Officer 5327 9067
Research Performance
Mr Raimond Placidi Manager, Research Information 5327 6288
Mrs Debbie Weston
Research Data Assistant 5327 6742