Associate Professor Singarayer Florentine

Research Leader

Federation University Australia

Associate Professor Singarayer ‘Florry’ Florentine is a plant ecologist with interests in habitat disturbance and restoration. His 20 years of research experience spans arid zone, rainforest and temperate ecosystems in three different countries. His research program examines the modification and restoration of natural ecosystems with sub-themes of restoration ecology; weed invasion after natural disturbances; and interaction of fire, flooding and grazing within ecosystems.

In the last decade Florry has obtained several competitive research grants worth $1.5 million, and received several awards including the prestigious Ian Potter Travel Fellowship.

Florry is Chair of FedUni’s Research Committee and has also established and led the Habitat Restoration Research program, comprising a post-doctoral Research Fellow, MSc, several honours students and Honorary Research Fellows; published widely in national and international journals; and served as a scientific advisor to the Victorian Gorse Task Force.

Florry was named in the top 10 FedUni lecturers in 2008. He teaches in areas including restoration ecology, pest plants and arid zone ecology.