Dr Vera Roshchina

Research Fellow

Federation University Australia

Dr Vera Roshchina’s research interests lie on the crossroads of real complexity, theoretical optimisation and dynamical systems. Modern mathematics increasingly relies on the fusion of the traditional methods of analysis and numerical computations. Hence the development of the foundations of computational mathematics is one of the main challenges for the modern mathematicians. Dr Roshchina’s main research focus is the in-depth study of the geometrical structure of optimisation problems, and its implications on the complexity of relevant numerical methods. She also enjoys working cross-field on diverse projects, and is open to learning new ideas as well as sharing her perspectives and experiences with others.

One such project includes the study of ‘billiard invisibility’. Billiard dynamical systems are mathematical idealisations of the game of billiards, where the interactions of the infinitely small particles (the billiard balls) with the boundary of the billiard table are considered absolutely elastic, and the game is ‘played’ in a bounded region that is not necessarily rectangular. Curiously, the motion of billiard particles correspond to the laws of mirror optics, and billiard model allows for the study and design of invisibility cloaks based on mirror reflections.

Dr Roshchina brings her own high energy levels to the CRN to work as a Research Fellow in Element One – Regional Science and Technological Innovation through Information Analysis and Optimization of Systems and Technology.

‘The CRN is a fantastic opportunity for me to connect with the Deakin’s Centre for Intelligent Systems Research (CISR), and implement my design ideas in practice, using the expertise of Deakin’s engineering researchers and their excellent manufacturing facilities. Coming to Ballarat and working in the CRN is a great opportunity for me to collaborate with researchers from other fields and apply my expertise in theoretical optimisation to the real-world problems.  In the past with my research, I have mostly been working on with fellow mathematicians, so this will be a whole new and exciting experience for me.”

Dr Roshchina’s path to Federation University Australia has taken her from her native Russia to Hong Kong and Portugal. Other shorter research projects have included visits to Milan, Pittsburgh, Santiago de Chile, Tel Aviv and Toronto as she has sought out fresh challenges and solutions to those challenges.

After completing a Professional Degree in Mathematics and System Programming at Saint-Petersburg State University in Russia, she completed her PhD at the City University of Hong Kong. Her most recent appointment was as an Invited Researcher at CIMA, the Research Centre in Mathematics and Applications at Portugal’s University of Evora.

‘When I go to a new place, I look around to see what sort of problems there might be’, she said. ‘When I find one that needs solving then that becomes my project.’