Dr Ning Ruan

Research Fellow

Federation University Australia

Dr Ning Ruan’s lifelong love of mathematics has taken her around the world from Shanghai University in her native China to Virginia Tech, USA and, just prior to joining the CRN, Curtin University, Perth.

Through her CRN project, Decision Support for Supply Chain Management, Dr Ruan aims to improve understanding of supply chain managements (SCMs) to create efficiencies that will benefit industry in regional Victoria.

Supply chain management is the management of a network or interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate provision of product and services packages required by the end customer. It spans all movements and storage of raw materials, a work in process inventory and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

Dr Ruan’s research project also involves a study of constitutive laws and physical behaviours of advanced materials, from organs and skin to nano-surfaces, and has to consider 'non-smoothness' and 'multi-scale effects'.

Meeting these goals has brought Dr Ruan into contact with some of Australia’s leading researchers and she is enjoying the inter-university collaborations being involved in the CRN brings. She hopes these collaborations will result in publications in high quality journals and the opportunity for her own further professional development.

“Federation University Australia has strong research teams which inspire me as a Research Fellow to constantly try to further my capabilities and assist colleagues and PhD students,” Dr Ruan said.

“I want to reach my fullest potential and really contribute to the CRN and FedUni, as well as highlight the value of women in research and education.”

Dr Ruan studies modelling, analysis, simulations and optimisation of complex systems. As well she looks at dynamic systems control, optimal filter design, sensor network localisation, travelling salesman problem, machine learning problem, and population dynamic modelling in fish and wildlife resources.

Her work also includes large-scale scientific computations, database analysis, solving nonlinear differential equation, and Euclidean distance geometry problem.

Dr Ruan applies duality method to a series optimization problem, such as fractional programming, quadratic programming, binary programming, mixed integer programming, fixed charge problem, supply chain management, and lot sizing problem.