Dr Bo Wang

Research Fellow

Deakin University

Dr Bo Wang has recently arrived in Australia after working in Ontario, Canada and brings rich experience in collaborating with researchers outside his home University to the CRN.

He began his academic career at the Chinese Agricultural University, an institute that prides itself on collaboration, having relationships with 64 universities in 25 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Dr Wang is working with Professor Colin Barrow, himself a noted builder of research collaborations, particularly with India and China, on a project titled: Development of microencapsulation technologies for the delivery of unstable bioactive ingredients into food and beverage products. The project aims to fertilize the food or beverage matrix with omega-3 fatty acids by complex coacervation and spray-dried emulsions technology.

Complex coacervation between biopolymers lead to a phase separation of the aqueous solution into a phase rich in both polymers and the other phase depleted in both polymers, and it could be employed to microencapsulate the bioactive ingredients from oxidation or degradation.

Dr Wang's approach to his research can be divided into four stages: the first of these is setting up the experimental apparatus which can then be used to monitor the coacervation process; the second is the characterisation of the microcapsules; the third is the exploration of new cross-linking methods, and the fourth is the replacement of gelatin by with soy protein, whey protein and amidated pectin as the cationic polymer.

"I am very excited to be involved in the CRN, and collaborating with Professor Colin Barrow at Deakin and Associate Professor Benu Adhikari from the University of Ballarat (now known as Federation University Australia," Dr Wang said.

Dr Wang's project has the potential to create new products and employment opportunities in regional Victoria with a variety of local and international companies having already expressed interest in collaborating in the area of omega‐3 stabilisation and delivery into food and beverages.