Selection and application details

Selection criteria

  • The Prize is open to all Federation University Australia and City of Ballarat secondary school Year 12 enrolled students
  • Two prizes (1st prize and 2nd prize) will be awarded to the students whose submitted work best demonstrates, in the opinion of the judging panel, that 'Peace is always better than war'.
  • Applications may be in a variety of media including but not limited to painting, sculpture, electronic, performing arts or mixed media.
  • The submitted work may be undertaken independently or as part of the student's formal course or assessment requirements.
  • The work must be the student's original work.

Conditions for application

  • Applicants must consent to Federation University Australia becoming the sole owner of the work and acquiring all intellectual property rights under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cwth) in the event that the applicant is awarded the prize
  • If the successful work involves a performance, Federation University Australia may grant a non-exclusive licence back to the successful applicant to enable the applicant to perform the work
  • The original work must be available for viewing by the judging panel
  • The work must be accompanied by a brief written summary of the work of no more than 100 words
  • The Prize will be awarded to a single creator (although collaborators and other persons may assist in the construction, execution or performance)
  • Each creator may only submit one work in one year
  • By signing the application form, the applicant warrants that they are the sole owner of the work and indemnify Federation University Australia for any loss, damage or action brought against it as a result of a breach of this warranty
  • The work must be titled and made available for a public exhibition or performance at Federation University Australia at a time to be nominated by Federation University Australia

Judging panel

The Prize will be decided by a judging panel including:

  • Head, School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Education and Arts, Federation University Australia
  • A person external from Federation University Australia from the field of visual arts
  • A person external from Federation University Australia from the field of performing arts
  • A person nominated by the Vice-Chancellor of Federation University Australia

The Panel will make its recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor on the awarding of the two prizes. In the event that the Panel cannot determine two successful applicants, all applicants recommended by the Panel will be put forward to the Vice-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor will have the power to make the final decision or nominate an individual to make the final decision.

The decision by the judging panel, or in the event of the Vice-Chancellor or his or her nominee making the decision, will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Federation University Australia and the judging panel reserve the right to not award the prize in the event that there are no applications or no applications of, in their final opinion, sufficient merit for the awarding of the prizes.

The judging panel may make a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor with regard to works that are not awarded a prize, but are of sufficient merit to warrant some recognition, that a certificate of commendation be presented to the creators of such works.


Contact us for information about how to apply.