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Kelly Adam

Kelly Thompson – Student, Outdoor Education 

"Learning in an online environment was never high on my list of learning methods, especially for such a practical class like outdoor and environmental education. But having access to a wide variety of resources and competent lecturers has helped in my involvement with and enjoyment of online classrooms.

The blending of online learners with the physically present classroom through Adobe Connect meant I felt part of the class, even though I was hundreds of kilometres away. Connecting through this program via live feed video meant a good learning community was established quickly.

E-mail chat and the ability to view, download and interact with lecturers, materials and other students through Moodle means I have much more flexibility to accommodate study in and around my schedule, whilst still having access to all the help and facilities campus-present students do. Services like 'My Tutor' and Library 'quick chat' are added bonuses that both on-campus and online students can access."

Geoff Adams

Geoff Adams – Lecturer, Outdoor Education

"The challenge of teaching outdoor and environmental education online is overcome with some fantastic tools. The virtual classroom I use enables students and lecturer to collaborate and engage in amazing ways. Best of all, we can record the class in case we need to go back and check on something, or attend at a more convenient time.

When we combine flexible classes with a host of other great resources like library support, academic skills advice and more, the result is a very flexible learning environment.

Practical aspects of the course like bush-walking and canoeing are held in blocks to enable the online learning to occur throughout the rest of the year.

Students can catch up with me through a variety of channels; they no longer have to come to my office to ask a question. Access to video chat and instant messaging mean I'm never far away."

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