Researchers take the fight to typhoid fever with Grand Challenges Explorations grant

A Federation University research team has won a research grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to battle the spread of typhoid fever – a bacterial infection which kills more than 100,000 people a year.

How data could change life down on the farm

3 December 2019

The biggest collaborative soil research effort in Australia’s history could save the agricultural industry billions of dollars each year by giving farmers unprecedented access to information to help improve the performance of their land.

Power, precision and the art of time trialling

29 November 2019

On paper, the road cycling time trial is a simple event to win. It requires the combination of high sustained power, an aerodynamic position and the ability to tolerate pain. The reality, however, is much different, writes former elite cyclist and Lecturer in Exercise and Sport Science at Federation University Australia Ryan Worn.

Reimagining technology in education

5 December 2019

From the latest touchscreen tools to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, digital technology offers an unprecedented number of opportunities and challenges in the classroom.

Fewer cyclones – but they’re getting more intense

26 November 2019

Researchers are studying the role climate change is playing in the severity and frequency of tropical cyclones.

Testing times for young footballers

22 November 2019

The AFL draft is just days away and many of the country’s best young footballers will soon be living their dream at a new club. But before their name is called out, there is one final chance to shine.

Who wants to work forever?

21 November 2019

While the value of a later retirement is accepted by most observers, the notion that this is possible and desirable for all is open to question.

Age no barrier to a Happy Life in China

14 November 2019

Australian researchers are playing a key role in improving medical system responses in China where an ageing population is challenging the country’s health system.

After the war: Remembering those who chose to stay behind

13 November 2019

For a large contingent of Australian servicemen who served in World War I, the end to the conflict in November 1918 did not mean an end to their suffering on Europe’s battlefields.