Reframing the work of ‘undervalued’ security officers in quarantine hotels

The perception of poor practice by security officers employed on COVID-19 hotel quarantine duties in Victoria needs to be reframed, with the workers seen as victims of circumstance and not agents of poor performance, a Federation University researcher says.

How important is protein for recovery in cycling?

22 December 2022

Consuming large amounts of protein after training is part of the mythology of elite athletes. But what does the science say? Dr Brendan O'Brien takes us into the science behind protein and its relationship to recovery and performance.

We’re getting really good at making alcohol-free beer and wine. Here’s how it’s done

5 January 2023

In recent years, there’s been a growing trend towards opting for low- and no-alcohol versions of traditional drinks. What’s behind the big boom in this side of the industry? And where might it go from here?

COVID safety at Federation University and Federation TAFE

6 January 2023

Federation University Australia offers welcoming and safe regional campuses and high-quality teaching and learning across TAFE, higher education and research.

Repeated head injury may cause degenerative brain disease for people who play sport – juniors and amateurs included

23 December 2022

Where there are players and a game to be won, you can expect some rough and tumble on the sporting field. But when do the bumps become a problem? And what can we do to protect them from brain injury?

Supporting students into careers and further education

20 December 2022

A pilot program that helps young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples get the skills to find employment or progress to further education and training should be expanded, a researcher says.

Federation to launch national reconciliation centre in early 2023

20 December 2022

The National Centre for Reconciliation, Truth and Justice will engage with industry, community, academia, and government to become a leader in transformational change.

The pressure to be a ‘good mum’ – navigating the complexities of modern motherhood during the holiday period

16 December 2022

With only a week to go until Christmas, what is meant to be the most wonderful time of the year might be feeling a bit stressful.

Invisible skin mites called Demodex almost certainly live on your face – but what about your mascara?

9 December 2022

These eight-legged mites live in hair follicles and associated sebaceous or oil glands of mammals. While appear to be a normal part of our skin flora, some of us do react negatively to their presence.