Past exam papers

FAQs for staff

Why is the Library providing digitised exam papers for students?

The Library is providing digitised exam papers in response to requests by students for exam papers for revision purposes. Student Senate also strongly support this initiative.

Does the University support the Library providing digitised exam papers for students?

Learning & Teaching Committee have supported a recommendation from the Library that exam papers be released to the Library so they can be accessed online by students for revision purposes. The availability of digitised exam papers also supports student retention and success initiatives and is commensurate with practice exam provision at other universities.

How do I provide my permission for the library to add exam papers to the past exam collection for student use?

The Exam Paper Submission Form includes a box that academic and teaching staff are able to tick if they do not wish their exam paper to be released to the Library. If that box is not ticked it will be assumed that academic and teaching staff approve release of the exam paper to the Library for digitisation and access by students.

Who will have access to the digitised exam papers?

Only staff and students of Federation University will have access to the digitised exam papers. Students will need to use their Federation username and password to access the exam papers.

Are Partner Provider exam papers included in the current digitised exam papers collection?

At this stage exams for programs delivered by Federation Partner Providers are not included. Management and provision of these exams is via the Centre for University Partnerships (CUP). The Library will work with CUP to review exam submission processes with the aim of providing practice exams to partner Provider based students as soon as possible.