Secondary citation

Important: Confirm with your lecturer whether you are using APA 6th or APA 7th as they are slightly different.

  • A secondary citation is when you refer to a source cited in another source. You should always try and find the original source. Use the reference list from the source you read to try and find the original source referred to. You can ask a librarian if you need assistance.
  • You should only use a secondary citation if you are using a quotation or there is significant importance to the original source.
  • When using a source that you found in another (secondary) source, refer to the original in your writing but only give a reference entry and an in-text citation for the source that you accessed (the secondary source).
  • To make it clear that you have used a secondary source, include ‘as cited in’ (or ‘as quoted in’ for a quotation) in the in-text citation.

In-text citations

Hilferty describes the nature of teacher professionalism as “an evolving idea that responds to political, social & historical contexts” (as quoted in Meldrum & Peters, 2012, p. 109).

Reference list



Meldrum, K., & Peters, J. (2012). Learning to teach health and physical education: The student, the teacher and the curriculum. Sydney, Australia: Pearson Australia.