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In-text citations


Albrecht Dϋmling paints a powerful picture of the Jewish refugee experience in Australia by ...2

Direct quote 

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number(s) in the note.

"Jewish refugees in Australia during the ..."6

Full note

2. Albrecht Dϋmling, The Vanished Musician: Jewish Refugees in Australia, trans. Diana K. Weekes (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2016), 98.

Subsequent notes

6. Dϋmling, Vanished Musician, 105.



Author. Title. Translated by name of translator. City, State/Country: Publisher, Year.

Dϋmling, Albrecht. The Vanished Musician: Jewish Refugees in Australia. Translated by Diana K. Weekes. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2016.

  • Name translator after the title, preceded by ‘trans.’ in the note, and ‘Translated by’ in the bibliography.