The Online Library is open. For more information about how to access library services and our response to COVID-19 visit our current library services page.

Support for teaching staff

Document delivery and course readings services

Document delivery and course readings services continue to run as normal. For more information about either service (including contact information), visit the Document delivery page; or see our Making material available to students page.

Requesting materials

Electronic versions of required texts and other books are being purchased by the Library as a priority. To request the library purchase an electronic version of a text required for teaching purposes contact, or lodge a Campus Life service now request.

Library classes

While physical library classes are no longer possible, the library is able to offer your class support in a number of ways:

  • A synchronous class using Adobe Connect that can be recorded
  • The creation of videos tailored to your class’ needs that can be placed into Moodle
  • The creation of Moodle resources such as books that students can work through at their own pace

Please contact your School liaison librarian to arrange for a class, or to discuss your specific teaching needs further.

Research assistance

For research related enquiries, please contact your School liaison librarian.