TV and radio

Federation University Australia pays an s.113P licence fee which allows staff to copy and communicate television or radio broadcasts (free-to-air or pay tv/subscription) for educational purposes without seeking permission from the copyright owner. Copying limits and requirements are discussed below.

Copy limits

You can copy and communicate and entire broadcast and there is no limit to the number of copies you can make. Access to any copies must be limited to staff and students only.


You can copy podcasts of television or radio material from an Australian broadcaster from the internet provided they have already been aired by the network.

Commercial DVDs

You cannot copy or communicate material from a commercially available video or DVD. For example you could not copy or communicate an excerpt from the documentary series The Life of Birds from a DVD purchased at the ABC shop. For more information see our audio-visual materials page.

Other material on the internet

You cannot copy audio-visual material on the internet, unless already aired by an Australian network, without permission of the copyright holder. For more information visit the internet page.

Notices and labelling required when copying and communicating broadcasts


copyright notice must appear at the beginning of broadcast reproductions communicated to students electronically, such as via email or online via a secure server.

Labelling copies made on DVD etc.

Each copy of a broadcast (the video tape, disc or container) must be labelled with required information including the date of the broadcast and the date the copy was made.