Federation University pays an s.113P licence fee which allows staff to copy and communicate images (photographs, paintings, drawings, cartoons, diagrams, graphic art etc.) for educational purposes without seeking permission from the copyright owner.

Notice requirements when copying images

Electronic copies must have the s.113P copyright notice displayed immediately before or at the same time as the image.

Alternative sources for images

There are a number of sites dedicated to providing access to open content licenced material such as Creative Commons and Flickr. For a clear explanation of Creative Commons licences and how they work, view this YouTube video uploaded by Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand.

Copying outside the s.113P licence

Where images have been used under alternative licencing arrangements such as through Creative Commons or a licenced database you should not use the s.113P copyright notices discussed above. Instead, you must abide by the terms of the individual licence or permission you have obtained.