Overdue items and penalties


The MyLibrary screen displays helpful information including how many items you have checked out, how to renew, and how to opt in to your reading history. You can check how many demerit points you have accrued and if you are blocked from borrowing, the date when you can borrow again.

To log in to your MyLibrary account use your Federation username and password.

Overdue items

Borrowed items become overdue if they are not returned by closing time on the due date. You will be sent overdue notices by e-mail.

You are responsible for the replacement cost, plus a processing fee, for any item deemed overdue, lost, or damaged. You are invoiced for an item once it is six weeks overdue. If you think you have lost an item, or one has been damaged, please advise Library staff as soon as possible.


There is a two-day grace period for most items. If items are not returned or renewed within or before the grace period, your borrowing entitlements are suspended at all campus libraries.

While we do not issue fines for overdue items, a demerit point system does exist. Items not returned within the grace period accrue demerit points from the date they become overdue:

  • Most collections (eg. Main, Quarto, Textbook, TRC, Multimedia, Realia) - 1 point per day per item

The Library imposes a further period of suspension of borrowing entitlements according to the number of demerit points accrued, as follows:

FedUni students, Alumni, CAVAL, ULANZ, Infolink borrowersFedUni staff
  • 40-79 points - 14 day (2 weeks) suspension
  • 80 or more points - 28 day (4 weeks) suspension
FedUni staff do not accumulate demerit points. Instead, their borrowing entitlements are suspended.

If you believe the item has been returned or was stolen, it will be necessary to obtain a statutory declaration (doc, 94kb) in order to be considered for exemption; however, the Library will accept a statutory declaration only as a last resort.

For more information about overdue and lost resources, see the Library terms of use (pdf, 160kb).