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The BONUS+ initiative is designed to greatly increase access to books for all Federation staff, TAFE, undergraduate and postgraduate students by making books from other participating Australian University libraries available through the Fed Library catalogue.  Check participating libraries.

How to request

  1. Search the Fed Library catalogue.
  2. If the book is not held by the library or our copy is unavailable, select the BONUS+ logo to repeat the search in the BONUS+ catalogue.
  3. Select Request this item.
  4. Select Federation University from the drop down menu and then Submit.
  5. Enter your name and bar-code details as prompted.
  6. Choose your Pickup Location and then Submit.

BONUS+ item limits

Borrower type

Number of active requests

Loan period




21 days


Postgraduate & Higher degree


21 days




21 days


How long it takes

Once the BONUS+ system validates the request, the book is sent to the nominated FedUni campus library. Delivery to your specified pickup location can be expected within seven working days. Weekends and holidays may affect this schedule.

  • You will receive an email when the item is ready for pickup.
  • Books must be collected within 7 days. If you do not collect the book within 7 days it will be sent back to the lending institution

Renew, cancel or check BONUS+ requests

Logging into your My Library account allows you to renew, cancel and check the status of your requests. A status of READY means the book is ready for pickup and if a BONUS+ book you have on loan has a hold, the book can't be renewed.

Lost BONUS+ items

  • A non-refundable charge of AU$125 will be imposed for lost and billed BONUS+ books.
  • Replacement books are not accepted.
  • The charge may also apply for damaged books at the discretion of the owning library.
  • Please contact your home library.