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Making published content available on Moodle: can I or can't I?

Posted: Wednesday 2 February 2022

Making content available for online learning presents some questions about using copyright material, such as: 

  1. Can I upload publisher provided content (slides, handouts) in my Moodle course?
  2. How can I make a print textbook available to my students online?
  3. I am recording my lecture, can I include the recording of the video I play? 
  4. I have downloaded an image from online, can I use it as part of my Moodle course?  

These resources can help you find the answers-  

Decision making tools:

  • Federation Copyright Tool  online decision making resource 
  • A printable poster - Copyright for delivering teaching materials guide (PDF)

Checklist for your Moodle course:

Further assistance:

  • Contact the Copyright Office: or 03 5327 9876
  • Contact Federation University Library: for econtent purchasing requests

Federation University Library and Federation Copyright Office  

Answers: 1) It depends on the publisher and their policy.  Generally they allow use if the book associated is the prescribed text for the course. Seek out the publisher policy, or ask us to assist.   2) Through Course Readings (generally up to 10%), or as an eTextbook if available, or through special circumstances (e.g. item is out of print). 3) It depends - best to pause the lecture recording while the video plays, but it does depend on where the video content is from.   4.) Yes.  Our statutory licence allows us to use images and graphics without permission, though they must include attribution, and the s.113P notice needs to be displayed either alongside or before image is shown. [In practice this can be achieved by using the notice before a PPT showing the image, or somewhere visible on the page to display alongside the image], 
In each case, for further information please contact

Contact Helen Heawood
University Copyright Coordinator / Academic Integrity Officer
03 53279625
Contact Helen Heawood
University Copyright Coordinator / Academic Integrity Officer
03 53279625