In-text citations


When paraphrasing, include the author(s) family name and year of publication in brackets. Or, if referring to the author(s) family name in the body of the text, then just include the year of publication in brackets immediately after the family name(s).

Kennedy's assassination has … (Hunt, 1963).

The assassination of President Kennedy has rocked … (Hunt, 1963).

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number(s) from the newspaper. If no page numbers are provided, then include the paragraph number.

"The world mourns the loss of President Kennedy who was shot …" (Hunt, 1963, p. 1).

Reference list


Author. (Year/Date). Article title. Newspaper/Magazine Name, p. #. DOI or URL

Hunt, J. (1963, November 22). Assassin kills Kennedy. The Chicago Tribune,  1, 4–6.

  • Author: Give name of author. (Start with title if no author shown.)
  • Year/date: Give date as shown on source (i.e., year and month, or year, month and day).
  • Title: Give title of article (no italics). Capitalise first letter of first word and any proper nouns. Add description for reviews, letters, etc., in square brackets (no italics) (Ex 41), or give alone if no title.
  • Newspaper/magazine name (italics). Capitalise first letter of all major words. If separate section, add name (no italics) after title (Ex 39).
  • Page numbers. If non-consecutive, separate by commas (Ex 38).