Map, chart, illustration, figure, table

Important: Confirm with your lecturer whether you are using APA 6th or APA 7th as they are slightly different.

If there is no creator recorded for the figure, use the title in the position the author would normally be in. Please note, in APA the word “figure” is used to refer to all images, graphs, charts and visual material that you reproduce in your work. If you are discussing an image but not reproducing it, please see the above section “Images not reproduced in your work”.

When citing figures in the text of your work, you need to acknowledge them in two places:

  • within the written body of your paper, as you would for a normal in-text reference, and
  • below the figure.

Reference the figure in your list according to the source you found it in. So if you retrieved it from a journal article, just reference the actual article as normal.

In-text citations

Within the written body 

  • Within the written body of your paper, cite the figure as you would for a normal in-text reference.
  • Refer to the figure by its assigned number. Do not refer to the figure as “the Figure above/below”, or “the Figure on page 17”.

The city of Casey as shown in Figure 4 … (Victorian Electoral Commission, 2012).

The Victorian Electoral Commission (2012) published a very useful map, shown in Figure 4 …

Below the figure


Figure x. Title or description of image. Adapted/Reprinted from Source Name, by Author, Year, Retrieved from URL

Figure 1: City of Casey: Local council boundaries. Reprinted from by Victorian Electoral Commission, 2012, Retrieved from

Reference list


Author. (Year/Date). Title [Form]. DOI/URL or Place of publication: Publisher


Victorian Electoral Commission. (2012). City of Casey: Local council boundaries [Map]. Retrieved from

  • Give the author and the year of publication (or date of post). Then the title of the item (no italics) and add form (e.g., ‘Map’, ‘Photograph’) in square brackets. If no title or caption, give a short description in the same square brackets as form.


Timms, P. E. (2006). Colonial settlement in Tasmania. Hobart, Australia: Tiger Press.

  • Give an in-text citation and reference entry for the print source containing the item, not the item itself. Title should be in italics. Add the identifying number to in-text citation: … (Timms, 2006, Figure 2).