Map, chart, illustration, figure, table

In-text citations


The city of Casey as shown on … (Victorian Electoral Commission, 2012).

The Victorian Electoral Commission (2012) published a very useful map of …

Figure layout

A figure from a web page will include a double-spaced caption with the following elements directly below the figure:

  • label of figure in italics (e.g. Figure 3.)
  • title of image (and/or brief description)
  • title of library database preceded with the words Adapted/Reprinted from
  • author(s) initials followed by family name, or institute/organisation, preceded with the word by
  • retrieval statement in the form of the library database homepage URL

Figure 1: City of Casey: Local council boundaries. Reprinted from by Victorian Electoral Commission, 2012, Retrieved from

Reference list


Author. (Year/Date). Title [Form]. DOI/URL


Victorian Electoral Commission. (2012). City of Casey: Local council boundaries [Map]. Retrieved from


Timms, P. E. (2006). Colonial settlement in Tasmania. Hobart, Australia: Tiger Press.

  • ONLINE: Give author/poster and the title of the item (no italics). Give year of publication (or date of post). Add form (e.g., ‘Map’, ‘Photograph’) in square brackets. If no title or caption, give a short description in same square brackets as form.
  • PRINT: Give an in-text citation and reference entry for the print source containing the item, not the item itself. Title should be in italics. Add the identifying number to in-text citation: ‘… (Timms, 2006, Figure 2)’.
  • If using the abbreviated name of a government body in your text, e.g., the VEC for the Victorian Electoral Commission, follow the same reference list guidelines as for a group author (see the in-text citation section).