Library database

In-text citations

  • When citing figures in the text of your work, you need to acknowledge them in two places:
    • within the written body of your paper, and
    • below the figure.
  • Within the written body of your paper, cite the figure as you would for a normal in-text reference.
  • Refer to the figure by its assigned number. Do NOT refer to the figure as “the Figure above/below”, or “the Figure on page 17”.

As shown in Figure 3 . . . (The eye, n.d.).

Figure 3 illustrates . . . (The eye, n.d.).

The diagram shows . . . (The eye, n.d., Figure 3).

Figure layout

A figure from a library database will include a double-spaced caption with the following elements directly below the figure:

  • label of figure in italics (e.g. Figure 3.)
  • title of image (and/or brief description)
  • title of library database preceded with the words Adapted/Reprinted from
  • author(s) initials followed by family name, or institute/organisation, preceded with the word by
  • retrieval statement in the form of the library database homepage URL

Figure 3. The eye. Reprinted from Human anatomy and physiology – special senses, by Anatomy TV, (n.d.), Retrieved from TV

Reference list


Author. (Year). Title [Form]. Retrieved from URL

(n.d.). The eye. [Database image]. Retrieved from

The figure must appear in the reference list, and the citation is formatted in correct APA style of the original source.

  • Also include the form type in square brackets e.g. [Database image].