Book or journal article

In-text citations

  • When citing figures in the text of your work, you need to acknowledge them in two places:
    • within the written body of your paper, as you would for a normal in-text reference, and
    • below the figure.
  • Within the written body of your paper, cite the figure as you would for a normal in-text reference.
  • Refer to the figure by its assigned number. Do NOT refer to the figure as “the Figure above/below”, or “the Figure on page 17”.

As shown in Figure 1 . . . (Fernandez-Lizarbe et al., 2013).

Figure 1 illustrates . . . (Fernandez-Lizarbe et al., 2013).

The data shows . . . (Fernandez-Lizarbe et al., 2013, Figure 1).

Figure layout

A figure from a book/journal article will include a double-spaced caption with the following elements directly below the figure:

  • label of figure in italics (e.g. Figure 1.) followed by a brief but descriptive phrase
  • book title in italics with proper nouns capitalised, or article title in double quotation marks " " and preceded with the words Adapted/Reprinted from
  • author(s) initials followed by family name, preceded with the word by
  • year of publication
  • journal title in italics (if applicable)
  • volume number in italics (if applicable)
  • issue number (if applicable)
  • page number(s)

Figure 1. Hunting family by Indigenous artist Hippy Wanganeen. Reprinted from "Our mob: Art by South Australian Aboriginal artists," by M. Fletcher, 2013, Artlink, 34(2), p. 101. Retrieved from

Reference list


Author. (Year). Article title. Journal Name, vol(issue), xx–xx. DOI or URL

The figure must appear in the reference list, and the citation is formatted in correct APA style of the original source.

Fletcher, M. (2014). Our mob: Art by South Australian Aboriginal artists. Artlink, 34(2), 101-102. Retrieved from