Edited book/ Book chapter

In-text citations


When paraphrasing, include the author(s) family name and year of publication in brackets. Or, if referring to the author(s) family name in the body of the text, then just include the year of publication in brackets immediately after the family name(s).

Brown (2001) states …

Infectious diseases are often not spoken about in some families … (Brown, 2001).

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number(s) from the book.

"Recent research has suggested the infectious diseases are a taboo topic in many families across the world …" (Brown, 2001, p. 83).

Reference list


Author. (Year). Title: Subtitle (# ed., Vol. #). City, State/Country: Publisher.

Include the edition number followed by the abbreviation ed. in brackets after the book title. If the book is a first edition, or no edition is stated, do NOT include the edition number.

Chapter from edited collection

Brown, J. (2001). Silence, taboo and infectious disease. In A. Mills & J. Smith (Eds.), Utter silence: Voicing the unspeakable (pp. 83–91). New York, NY: Peter Lang.

  • An edited book will generally be comprised of chapters written by a number of different authors. When citing in-text, you will need to attribute the authors of the particular chapter you are referencing, NOT the editors of the entire work.
  • Edited collection: Give editor/s in author position followed by ‘(Ed.)’ or ‘(Eds.)’.
  • Chapter from edited collection: Give chapter author and title (no italics). Give book title (italics) preceded by ‘In’ (no italics) and initials and surname/s of editor/s followed by ‘(Ed.),’ or ‘(Eds.)’. Add page range of chapter in round brackets (no italics) after title.
  • If the book is an authored (NOT edited) work, then reference it as a whole work, NOT by the book chapter.
  • For examples refer to the following relevant sections:
    • Single author
    • Two authors
    • Three, four or five authors
    • Six or more authors
    • Eight or more authors