Video podcast

In-text citations


When paraphrasing, include either the producer’s/presenter's/interviewee's family name and year of publication in brackets. Or, if referring to the producer’s/presenter's/interviewee's family name in the body of the text, then just include the year of publication in brackets immediately after the family name.

Current research indicates . . . (Trueman, 2016).

Trueman (2016) states that . . .

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the year and a timestamp to indicate the exact starting point of the quote.

"By editing DNA, we can not only eliminate the chance of disease, but also change how a person develops. . .and fundamentally understand what a single gene does" (Trueman, 2016, 2:00).

Reference list


Primary Contributor. (Role). (Year). Title [Form]. Retrieved from URL

Trueman, H. (Producer). (2016, August 30). Gene editing made simple [Video podcast]. Retrieved from

  • Include details of the producer/presenter/interviewee etc. in the author position.
  • Italicise the podcast title and describe the form type inside square brackets e.g. [Video podcast].
  • Provide the homepage URL to avoid any potential non-working URLs.