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The Gilmore girls were feeling anxious when … (Sherman-Palladino & Mancuso, 2002).

Sherman-Palladino & Mancuso (2002) wrote an episode of the Gilmore girls that dealt with anxiety issues…

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"Loralai, how is your anxiety today?" (Sherman-Palladino & Mancuso, 2002, 09.25).

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Television broadcast

Sherman-Palladino, A. (Writer), & Mancuso, G. (Director). (2002). Application anxiety [Television series episode]. In A. Sherman-Palladino, D. Palladino, & G. Polone (Producers), Gilmore girls. Melbourne, Australia: Nine Network, 12 June 2012.

Online video

Horowitz, A. (Writer), & Orme, S. (Director). (2014). The eternity ring [Television series episode; Video file]. In J. Green (Producer), Foyle’s war. Retrieved from

DVD (whole series)

Gilligan, V. (Producer). (2008-2013). Breaking bad [Television series; DVD]. Los Angeles, CA: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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