How to present an MLA Works Cited list

How to set up the list

Begin the list on a new page at the end of your work.

  • Give the list the centred heading ‘Works Cited’.
  • Use double line-spacing and a hanging indent (approx. 0.75 cm or 4-5 spaces).
  • If a DOI or URL needs to be broken, break before a slash or punctuation mark.

What to include

Give an entry for every recoverable source you have cited in the text.

  • Don’t add entries for material you have not used, however relevant.
  • How to arrange the entries
  • List entries alphabetically by author.
  • List entries with no author by title. (Ignore ‘A’ or ‘An’ or ‘The’ as first words.)
  • If you have more than one entry with same author, list alphabetically by title.
  • Use a long dash (or three hyphens) to stand for repeating author’s name.

Example of an MLA works cited list

Works cited

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