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In-text citations


The ABC has recently introduced a new policy dealing with privacy issues that ...1

Direct quote

"A new policy has just been implemented by the ABC to address the privacy concerns of ..."3

Full note

1. “ABC Privacy Policy,” Australian Broadcasting Corporation, last modified March 12, 2014, accessed July 19, 2016,

2. “Employment Conditions,” Country Fire Authority, last modified December 8, 2015, accessed May 3, 2016,

Subsequent notes 

3. “ABC Privacy Policy.”

4. “Employment Conditions.”



Author. "Title." Last modified date. Accessed date. URL.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “ABC Privacy Policy.” Last modified March 12, 2014. Accessed July 19, 2016.

Country Fire Authority. “Employment Conditions.” Last modified December 8, 2015. Accessed May 3, 2016.

  • Give the title of page/post in quotation marks followed by the website name or publisher/sponsor.
  • If there is no title, give a short descriptive phrase (no quotation marks).
  • Give the date of the last modification or update, access date, and URL.