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The mental health of the homeless people in our community ...2

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"Homeless people in Australia are often grappling with mental health issues that go untreated".4

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1. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare [AIHW], Australia’s Health 2004, AIHW cat. no. AUS 44 (Canberra: AIHW, 2004), 25.


2. Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], Mental Health and Experiences of Homelessness, Australia, 2014, cat. no. 4329.0.00.005 (Canberra: ABS, 2014), 5, accessed July 11, 2016,

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3. AIHW, Australia’s Health 2004, 22.

4. ABS, Mental Health, 8.



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Mental Health and Experiences of Homelessness, Australia, 2014. Cat. no. 4329.0.00.005. Canberra: ABS, 2014. Accessed July 2, 2016.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Australia’s Health 2004. AIHW Cat. No. AUS 44. Canberra: AIHW, 2004.

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