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Neil Armstrong fondly remembers ...1

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"When we finally landed on the moon ..."3

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1. Neil A. Armstrong, interview by S. E. Ambrose, September 19, 2001, transcript, Johnson Space Center Oral History Project, NASA, accessed June 22, 2016,


2. David Astle, interview by Jane Hutcheon, One Plus One, ABCTV News 24, November 28, 2018, accessed December 5, 2018,

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3. Armstrong, interview by Ambrose, 3.

4. Astle, interview by Hutcheon.


Name. Interviewed by name. Date. Transcript. Place interviewed. Accessed date. URL.

Armstrong, Neil A. Interview by S. E. Ambrose. September 19, 2001. Transcript. Johnson Space Center Oral History Project, NASA. Accessed June 22, 2016.

Brett, Lily. Interview by Jane Hutcheon. One Plus One. ABC TV News 24, July 28, 2016. Accessed August 6, 2016.

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