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Keith Barrett's lecture on cell structure ...1

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"Remember that the cell structure in amphibians differs from ..."4

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1. Keith Barrett, “Cell Structure” (topic notes, Biology 112 tutorials, Barrett Education, June 19, 2010), accessed June 20, 2010,


2. Rebecca Claskich, “BOT234: Week 1 Video Lecture,” posted June 2, 2015, accessed June 3, 2015,


3. Lee Huang, “The Cost of Retribution” (class handout, Ethics 123, Central University, Townsville, March 5, 2012).

Subsequent notes

4. Barrett, “Cell Structure.”

5. Claskich, “BOT234 Lecture.”

6. Huang, “Cost of Retribution.”


See the notes below.

Barrett, Keith. “Cell Structure.” Topic notes prepared for Biology 112 tutorials, Barrett Education, June 19, 2010. Accessed June 20, 2010.

Claskich, Rebecca. “BOT234: Week 1 Video Lecture.” Posted June 2, 2015. Accessed June 3, 2015.

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