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Patient wellbeing is important because ...1

Direct quote

Place direct quotes between double quotation marks " " and provide the page number(s) in the note.

"Recent studies investigating patient wellbeing have found that ..."6

Full note

1. Chris Narvin, “Patient Wellbeing,” Nursing Journal 20, no.10 (2013): 31.

Subsequent notes

6. Narvin, “Patient Wellbeing,” 32.



Author. "Article title." Journal name volume, no. # (year): Page range.

Narvin, Chris. “Patient Wellbeing.” Nursing Journal 20, no.10 (2013): 30–33.

  • NB: Turabian includes ‘abstract’ in note but omits it from bibliography entry.
  • Give article author, article title in double quotations marks, journal name in italics, volume and issue number.
  • Give specific page references in the note. Give page range of whole article in the bibliography.
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