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Important: Confirm with your lecturer whether you are using APA 6th or APA 7th as they are slightly different.

In-text citations

if there is no artist recorded for the image, use the title in the position the author would normally be in. Please note, in APA the word “figure” is used to refer to all images, graphs, charts and visual material.

When citing figures in the text of your work, you need to acknowledge them in two places:

  • within the written body of your paper, as you would for a normal in-text reference, and
  • below the figure.

In-text citations

Within the written body

  • Within the written body of your paper, cite the figure as you would for a normal in-text reference.
  • Refer to the figure by its assigned number. Do not refer to the figure as “the Figure above/below”, or “the Figure on page 17”.

As shown in Figure 2 . . . (National Cancer Institute, 2016).

Figure 2 illustrates . . . (National Cancer Institute, 2016).

The diagram shows . . . (National Cancer Institute, 2016, Figure 2).

Below the figure


Figure x. Title or description of image. Adapted/Reprinted from Webpage title, by Author, Year, URL

Figure 2. Anatomy of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Reprinted from Parathyroid cancer treatment (PDQ®)–patient version, by National Cancer Institute, 2016, https://www.cancer.gov/types/parathyroid/patient/parathyroid-treatment-pdq


Reference list


Author. (Year). Title [Form]. Website name. URL

Fidelity. (2016). The world’s largest economies are all in expansion, though at various phases of the business cycle. [Photograph]. Fidelity. https://www.fidelity.com/viewpoints/market-and-economic-insights/business-cycle-update-December-2016

  • Also, include the image type in square brackets e.g. [Photograph].