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Feedback: Myles (Gippsland Library) outstandingly patient , respectful and effective today when I had (more) EndNote difficulties.
Response: Hello Susan, many thanks for providing that feedback about Myles. I am both delighted and unsurprised to hear it, as I have worked with Myles for a long time and have always found him to be just as you have described. You've discovered one of our treasures! All the best with your studies, and I hope the Library continues to support you throughout, Marion 5 Oct 2022

Feedback: I needed to collect and borrow books I had requested. The only opportunity I had was on my lunch break (I'm part-time and not currently on campus) only that was when the library was closed.
Response: Hello Em, many thanks for letting us know, as we've been keen to learn more about the impact of lunchtime closures on students. I've asked one of the team to contact you and see what we can do to assist you to get hold of the books you need, so you should hear from them soon. All the best, Marion 11 May 2022

Feedback: Please open the SMB library for a few hours on a Friday. Students and staff that attend on a Friday have no physical access to books on the shelf or a library staff member. Please provide half a day at least.
Response: Hello Wayne, thank you for taking the time to let us know your dissatisfaction with SMB not being open on a Friday. We have had a series of staffing shortages that have impacted our ability to open as much as we would have liked this year. In happier news, we have now resolved those issues and will be able to open SMB from next Friday: 8.30-12.00 and 1.00-4.30. Please share this information if you are able to. Thanks, Marion 1 Apr 2022

Feedback: No reading glasses in FedStore I am a first year mature age student who in her excitement and anxiety left my reading glasses at home. I was excited to see a store full of goodies and felt confident I would be able to purchase some reading glasses. Unfortunately not. I heard that little questioning voice again.... are you too old to belong here?
Response: Hello and thank you for this feedback, which I will pass back to the FedStore. Please tell that questioning little voice that you are not too old to belong here - definitely not! Congratulations on making the decison to study and please know that you belong, you are welcomed and will be supported to succeed. There are so many staff who have your back and will help you, in the Library and elsewhere - please visit an InfoPoint if you have any questions and we'll be delighted to assist. Good luck, I hope your enjoy the coming weeks - Marion 17 Feb 2022

Feedback: I want to thank the Library for the excellent service given to my post grad history students this year, when they were not able to physically access the libraries on campus. Glowing reports on your service.
Response: Hello Anne, thank so much for submitting that feedback; I will be sure to pass on to the Library staff. We have tried our best to provide services to all students and staff during the difficult periods, and I'm really pleased to hear that we've been able to do so. Many thanks for your support for the Library from us as well. All the best, Marion 15 Dec 2021

Feedback: When are the Mt Helen library/study spaces reopening?
Response: Thank you for your enquiry. We have received advice that students cannot come on campus just to use Library facilities as it does not constitute permitted study under the “Authorised Worker List” and that the libraries and on-campus learning spaces should therefore not be available to use. As such they are unlikely to be open until early/mid November due to these restrictions on student activity that are currently in place. If you have any further questions or if we can assist in any way, please contact us via phone (1300 552 567), Library chat (, email ( or our Ask a Librarian Service. Thanks, Marion 4 Oct 2021

Feedback: The service is really bad. I had placed a book on hold and its been more than one week and still it is not checked out. When I contacted the FedUni Berwick I was told that the campus is closed and she will transfer it to a different campus so that they can post it out to me. I don't understand what the problem is. What is use the use of a libray if they cant issue books. And then when they post it, it takes more than 2 -3 weeks to arrive. And sometimes there are really valuable articles which are cannot be accessed at all.
Response: Hello Josna, thanks for letting us know that you've had this problem. Unfortunately it took the Unversity a few days to organise essential worker permits for the Library staff to be able to work on campus at Berwick, They couldn't go on site until those permits were issued, so we were transferring holds to other campuses in the interim, I'm also sorry that items are taking so long to arrive in the mail. We do our best to get them out quickly and I'm sure Australia Post is doing the same. The lockdown is no doubt leading to high numbers of parcels in the system. In relation to the articles that you can't access, please contact us with more details: via phone (1300 552 567), Library chat (, email ( or our Ask a Librarian Service. All the best, Marion 23 Aug 2021

Feedback: Roxanne from online library is competent highly professional an great help .. Thank you
Response: Many thanks for letting us know. I'll make sure your feedback is passed on to Roxanne as well. All the best, Marion 2 Aug 2021

Feedback: I was unable to to log in to put a book on hold so I drove to campus and still could not log in. The library told me there is no longer a IT help desk on campus. I rang the ITS service line and was on hold for quite some time. I am very unhappy with this service.
Response: Thank you for letting us know that you are unhappy that there is no longer an IT help desk at the Gippsland campus. I will forward that feedback on to the IT department. Kind regards, Marion 12 Apr 2021

Feedback: FedCite is a great initiative and resource for the students and staff. Thank you. However the material that used to be in the general guides for layout and appearance and writing and study skills, are awful (terrible) sorry but the pdf booklets you had previous were much better. Students cannot easily locate the information it doesn't even look like it is part of Fed Uni website. Please consider doing some more like Fed Cite or return to the book formats. Thank you.
Response: Hello, and thank you for submitting this feedback. I have passed your comments on to the LASS team, which is responsible for the writing and study skills content, and someone will be in touch to clarify your concerns. We're glad that you like FedCite though, thanks for letting us know. All the best, Marion 29 Mar 2021

Feedback: The library at Gippsland campus being open only until 3:00pm on weekdays and closed on the weekend is making it very difficult to study. When will it return to longer opening hours?

Feedback: Hello, You are all doing a great job given the restrictions. I need to be able to borrow books (paper, not ebooks) and I would like to look at the selves. There are some books which are on the selves but I can not find them on the catalog (maybe I have the titles wrong?). Could I make a short (10min) appointment with a staff member to get some books, not touch any. I know others would appreciate this service too. Best wishes
Response: Hello, and thanks for your enquiry. I'll ask one of the staff to contact you and help you to access what you need. Kind regards, Marion 5 Mar 2021

Feedback: I was finding the online system so incomprehensible I thought I'd just come in to get some books. But you're always closed except for two small windows of opportunity a week, neither of which I can make. Bizarre.
Response: Hello, and thanks for getting in touch with us about this. We are currently looking at if and how we can increase the opening hours at SMB, so please feel free to let us know which times would suit you better, and we can take that into consideration. In relation to navigating the online Library, please contact us for assistance: via phone (1300 552 567), Library chat (, email ( or our Ask a Librarian Service. ALl the best, Marion 5 Mar 2021

Feedback: With so many e-books/online access, it would be very helpful if such items were ascribed a Dewey Decimal number as titles don't always indicate what a subject matter the book covers. Thanks! :)
Response: Hello, and thanks for your suggestion - I understand it can be difficult to 'browse' the e-books! There are a few different reasons why we don't assign Dewey numbers to e-books - not least is because we generally use them help us to locate and retrieve a physical item from a shelf. That also has the benefit of aiding browsing of similar titles. The online equivalent is the subject headings, which can be found in the full record details of the book. Clicking a subject heading will bring up a list of all items that have that subject heading - just like a virtual bookshelf! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: via phone (1300 552 567), Library chat (, email ( or our Ask a Librarian Service 24 Feb 2021

Feedback: I am really pleased and impressed with the book request service and delivery that's part of the library's COVID response. I requested a number of books from Mount Helen late the day before yesterday. It was very easy to do and the books arrived at my door in Bacchus Marsh this morning! So quick. Thank you! Kind regards, Nanette
Response: Hello Nanette, thanks very much for letting us know the books arrived so quickly - we should perhaps thank AusPost as well! We're very happy to provide this service while the libraries are closed, and glad to hear that you find it easy and useful. All the best, Marion 8 Jan 2021

Feedback: Hi there, I recently filled out the survey for the library, but there was one suggestion which I neglected to include. If Federation Library was to obtain a HathiTrust membership, this would be a valuable resource for students and academics, and it may also take pressure off the DDS, as many works are available digitally through the service. Other Australian universities (e.g. UQ) have a membership, so it doesn't appear that there are any restrictions on Australian universities joining. Thanks, Matt.
Response: Hi Matt, first - many thanks for completing the library survey! Second, thanks also for your suggestion re a HathiTrust membership. Our staff will investigate further and will advise you of the outcome when they've made a decision. Thanks again and all the best, Marion 23 Sep 2020

Feedback: Dear Team, I am looking for the following article, when I press to view it, another article comes up. can you please provide me with the correct one? Here is the name of the article: "Changing Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs to Teach in Inclusive Classrooms in Victoria Australia" Umesh Sharma. Thank you
Response: Dear Umesh, thank you for your query. I have submitted it via the Library's Ask the Library ( system and a staff member will respond to you soon. Kind regards, Marion 27 Aug 2020

Feedback: Would love to have Victorian and Australian Curriculum added to FedCite guide as a specific eg for all the education students. I know its the same as a government report but I think it might make it easier for them if it was listed separately? Cheers, Caitlin
Response: Thanks for your feedback, Caitlin, I'll pass it back to the team which manages FedCite. All the best, Marion 24 Aug 2020

Feedback: I recently commenced employment at Federation University as a Senior Lecturer. I have a breadth of teaching experience in the US and UK. As I approach my first semester of teaching at Fed. Uni, the library staff (in particular Monika Raber) has been so very helpful. Not only have they been very prompt to respond to course reading requests, Monika has also been helpful to identify problems or incomplete information that I have provided. The work of Monika and the wider library team has helped to make the operation of my classes that much better. Thank you.
Response: Thanks very much for your kind feedback to Monika Raber and Library staff in general for the work they do to support you to make information and resources available to our students in the online environment. Your words were warmly received and much appreciated. Library staff welcome the opportunity to work with you and your colleagues to continue providing critical resources and services to our students. 1 Jan 2021

Feedback: I found the Finding Journal Articles guide to be a huge help for me. I no longer procrastinate when searching through journals and not knowing where to start. I have the skills to search for exactly what I require in the shortest amount of time. Thank you!
Response: Many thanks for letting us know that you found the guide so useful. Wonderful news, tell your friends! All the best, Marion 6 Apr 2020

Feedback: Very disappointed regarding the earlier closing times of the library. Makes borrowing books much more difficult for those of us whom also have daytime jobs to get here in time before 6pm.
Response: Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you're going to have trouble getting to the campus to collect your books before 6pm during the week. The Library at Gippsland is also open from 12-5 on Saturdays during semester, so that might help. Possibly your best option might be to request items be posted to you. We will post items to you for free, and you can either post them, back to us at your expense or return them to any campus library whenever it's convenient to you. More information is in our Online Students Subject Guide: Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: via phone (1300 552 567), Library chat (, email ( or our Ask a Librarian Service ( All the best with your studies, Marion 6 Mar 2020

Feedback: Hello, I'd like to leave a request for additional library hours, inclusive of the adjoining computer lab room. It would make a great difference if the Horsham (Wimmera) campus could offer opening hours equal to other campuses - particularly: - adding Friday availability; - adding availability over lunch; - extending availability to 10pm alike the Brisbane campus to provide equitable opportunity to the regional city of Horsham and its rural and isolated surrounding communities. - In addition to this, a secure, monitored 24/7 computer lab facility alike those offered at all other campuses except this one would be fantastic as a means of providing equal access opportunity. Thank you!
Response: Hello, thanks for your feedback and for requesting that the opening hours at Wimmera be commensurate with those at other campuses. While we are unlikely to be able to make changes in the short term, I have noted your requests and will pass them on to relevant senior management staff. All the best, Marion 25 Nov 2019

Feedback: Thank you to Sam and Ange for taking the extra time to find out about a room booking on campus at Berwick.
Response: Many thanks for providing that feedback - I'm so glad Sam and Ange were able to assist you! All the best, Marion 1 Nov 2019

Feedback: I wanted to acknowledge Angela and her assistance she gives me in the library. What a great person? She is helpful, professional and knowledgeable. As a mature aged student, technology and the library systems have been quite daunting, but Angela has always helped me out, and in a very respectful way. She's also got an awesome sense of humour. Angela, you are awesome.
Response: Hello, and many thanks for providing that wonderful feedback about Angela. We are so glad and proud that she's been able to help you so well. All the best for your studies! Marion 28 Oct 2019

Feedback: I have been using the library live chat for the past couple of days and I really enjoy this service. Thank you for having it.
Response: Many thanks for letting us know that you enjoy using our chat service! We love hearing from our students about what the library is and isn't doing well :) All the best with your studies, Marion 10 Oct 2019

Feedback: Hi, I've tried to access the Catalogue, and request an item only to be told that there is a problem with my record. Your chat service is offline too - which is frustrating. Are you able to get back to me regarding the problem with my record please? Thanks
Response: Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you're having some problems. As far as I can tell our chat service is available, so I have asked for someone to contact you at the email address that you've provided. I hope they will be able to assist you soon. Kind regards, Marion 24 Jul 2019

Feedback: Hello, I wanted to suggest a new resource that I think would be a valuable contribution for the library to subscribe to. It's packed with detailed & focused reporting from the frontline, whether it's a natural disaster or an act of terrorism. International specialists are out there reporting the news & offering solutions - The crisis response sector is a $multi-billion business. We're proud to be the leading global platform to share the latest thinking, where everyone in this challenging & evolving area of business can share learning (often through direct experience!). And now YOU can now leverage our entire CRJ global network too! Get targeted introductions to the decision-makers you really want to meet, influence your market & build your brand awareness, over the global crisis & emergency response fields. If you would like to subscribe we are offering a 50%discount for digital access - add Digital50 when you subscribe. For what I consider a modest subscription cost, if we use the 50% discount and just get the electronic version, I feel this resource will add alot of value for many of our students and staff. Kind Regards Loch
Response: Thanks for your feedback Loch and recommendation for new Library resources. I've forwarded the information on to our Information Resources Librarian for their evaluation, recommendation for purchase etc. We apreciate feedback like yours to inform us of resources that we may not be aware of. 1 Jan 2021

Feedback: I can usually go to the after hours library and study in peace in preparation for exams but it has become an uncomfortable environment as I've found most students, especially international students visit just to eat their dinner and watch movies/shows in the group room. It has become a really bad study environment.
Response: Thanks for letting us know. Can you please advise which space you are referring to, as we have a number of after hours spaces across the campus libraries. Please contact us via phone (1300 552 567), Library chat ( or our Ask a Librarian Service ( t let us know. Many thanks, Marion 18 Jun 2019

Feedback: I can not access the databases through the specifically Business Law: - CCH Intelligent Westlaw AU and Westlaw
Response: Thnaks for letting us know. I will ask one of the librarians to contact you to assist you with resolving this issue for you. For a more immediate response, if you have an problems again, please contact us via phone (1300 552 567), Library chat ( or our Ask a Librarian Service ( Many thanks, Marion 6 Jun 2019

Feedback: The library should provide more laptops for borrowing and let the students borrow for at least 1 week.
Response: Hello, thanks for providing this feedback about the laptops. We are currently reviewing the laptop pool, and replacing the Surface Pros with laptops where possible, which will increase the number of laptops available. We are also making sure that we have the right numbers at each of our campus libraries, so that they are available where needed. If you are having trouble accessing a laptop, please place a hold through the library catalogue (, search for 'laptop' and the name of your local campus) so that you will be able to use one when it becomes available. In the interests of keeping the laptops circulating amongst students, we are unable to increase the loan to 7 days. Our pool is not large enough to accommodate a longer loan period, and a shorter loan enables more equitable access. If you are struggling to get sufficient access to a laptop, we recommend using the PCs in the library or student PC labs ore learning spaces on campus, or visiting your local public library - free membership will enable you to use their PCs as well. If you would like more information about what facilities are available near you, please don't hesitate to ask Library staff in person, or via our enquiries services: All the best for your studies, Marion 15 May 2019

Feedback: Hi, I checked the library hours earlier in the week. When I checked the library hours a few times recently they usually state 12 - 5 on a Sunday at Berwick... Easter was different. I understood when you were closed for most of Easter and the days last week. Given you are not open that often and have country and metro students from all over the place, why close 2 Sundays in a row? Why weren't you open today? I drove from Yarragon to Berwick to use the Library. An hour to get there, plus extra time waiting for someone to turn up . And then, an hour to travel home again. Security advised that no one turned up. Very inconvenient. I get home and check the library hours and they state that you are closed today? When do you alter the opening hours? Why are you not open at standard given times?
Response: Hello, I'm really sorry you were inconvenienced by the closure of the libraries over the weekend. We normally close over the weekends during the semester breaks as there is generally very little demand for the libraries to be open. Now that semester has resumed, the libraries that normally open on weekends will do so until the weekend before the last week of exams. We publish the opening hours for the whole semester by the start of semester, and only change them if absolutely necessary. Any unanticipated changes are notified on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, in addition to the calendar being updated. I can only advise that during semester breaks, everyone checks the opening hours before setting off to the library. All the best, Marion 29 Apr 2019

Feedback: I really miss having access to the library on a weekend as I would regularly come in on a Saturday or Sunday to borrow books and I'm not always able to do so during the week do to other commitments.
Response: Hello and thanks for your feedback. I'm not sure which Library you regularly use. but all of the campus libraries except Wimmera are open on either a Saturday or Sunday during semester. You can check the library hours for your campus at Please let me know if you'd like additional information. Kind regards, Marion 15 Apr 2019

Feedback: Regarding the recent change of Gippsland opening hours where the library is no longer open until 8pm Mon-Thur and now closed all day Sunday as well. May I suggest that Gippsland library have an all day Saturday opening due to loss of hours during the week.. E.g. 9am to 4pm instead of the current 12-5pm. Furthermore, I would just like to say that the reason I have suggested this time frame is because a high number of people are not only studying full-time but are either working full or part time as well as other commitments and additionally, some students also have to organise around Field Placement and therefore only have to weekend to a number of facets of library materials. For your consideration
Response: Thanks for providing this feedback to us. I do understand that the reduced extended hours can make access to the library collections more difficult. This change was not made lightly, and was based on two years worth of data that indicated that use of our libraries after on weekends and after 6pm was very low. This prompted us to think about how we could better use our limited resources to provide services to the majority of our students. We also have had many requests to open some libraries at 8am and for slightly longer hours on weekends, which we have now been able to do. I do appreciate the feedback though, as we will review the hours for Semester 2, based on feedback received and patterns of use. All the best with your studies, Marion 18 Mar 2019

Feedback: I wanted to express my disappointment in the early closure of the libraries this year. Often the only time I can access the library for studying is after 6pm. I don't know who made this decision but I feel it puts students such as myself who work as well as study and attend placement, at a disadvantage. I would like a reply from someone who was involved in making this change to justify this decision and explain why students were not consulted on this before the change was made.
Response: Thanks for providing this feedback to us. This change was not made lightly, and was based on two years worth of data that indicated that use of our libraries after 6pm was very low. This prompted us to think about how we could better use our limited resources to provide services to the majority of our students. We also have had many requests to open some libraries at 8am and for longer hours on weekends, which we have now been able to do. In terms of after-hours facilities, there are study areas in the F and S buildings at Mt Helen that are available 24/7, and the library annex is available at SMB from 5-10pm weekdays and 7am - 10pm on weekends. I hope these facilities help you study after hours. Also, we did consult with the Student Senate, prior to making the changes, and they assisted us in choosing to open the SMB library from 12-5pm on Sundays. All the best, Marion 13 Mar 2019

Feedback: received useful information
Response: Great to hear, thanks for letting us know! We're always here to help you with your studies and research, so please be sure to let us know when you'd like a hand. Best regards, Marion 4 Mar 2019

Feedback: The Study Guide / Researching tutorial videos I viewed through FedReady were really good; they were easy to understand, easy to follow and very informative. Thank you for making these available. Kind regards, Amy Kaiser
Response: Hello Amy, thanks very much for providing that feedback - that's awesome to hear! We love to know that we've created something that ticks all those boxes - please tell other students! All the best for a great year with FedUni, Marion 20 Feb 2019

Feedback: Hi, I'm not sure of the name of the library person who came to our BAXDC1003: Ideologies in the Modern World tutorial and gave an essay how-to talk. The lady who did asked if I could provide an example of restricted (PhD, staff etc. only) access to journals. I can't post a screen shot here, but the URL is as follows:
Response: Hello, and many thanks for following up after your class. I've tracked down the librarian in question and asked them to respond to you, which they should do shortly. All the best, Marion 1 Nov 2018

Feedback: LATE BOOK HOLD/REQUESTS; I have only today completed the Library Survey and would like to re-iterate one of my concerns regarding BOOK HOLD/REQUESTS that seem to be consistently late. Currently I am awaiting a book to be transferred from Mt Helen campus to Gippsland campus where I have provided a week for this particular book to be delivered and required for assessment purposes - and still not yet received. I would also like to mention that last year the HOLD/REQUEST process was excellent to the point where internal book requests from other campuses would be delivered the next day. However, this does not seem to be the case this year and it seems obvious to me that there needs to be some focus what the current courier is providing in regards to customer service. I hope this can be rectified asap.
Response: Many thanks for providing this feedback (and for completing the survey!). We haven’t made any changes to either our internal processes or to the courier we use so I can’t pinpoint a particular cause for the delays. This concerns me because the service level should not have changed, yet seems to have declined. We will investigate your particular situation and be in touch. Thanks again, Marion 23 Oct 2018

Feedback: I'm really appreciate your work and I fully satisfied by your services such as library, student help, student support, supportive lecturer, tutor, staff help etc. Thank you
Response: Many thanks for you your kind feedback, it is greatly appreciated. We will shortly be running a survey which you hope you complete and give us more feedback - you may also win a prize! Kind regards, Marion 5 Oct 2018

Feedback: I offered my 65 year library of Australasian Mining and Metallurgy Bulletins and publications to your acquisitions librarian but have not had a response from him. If you are not interested, at least give me a response saying so.
Response: Hello, thank you for letting us know, and I'm sorry to hear that you are still waiting for a response. I have passed on your feedback to the relevant manager and am confident that you will be contacted soon. Kind regards, Marion 7 Sep 2018

Feedback: Please pass this information along to the relevant person/people. While browsing on a site called "Remembrance Day 2015, I came across an entry for William Kenneth Moss. He was an art teacher at the School of Mines Art School. The date of his death is listed incorrectly as c.1924. He died in October 1921. (W.K. Moss was my grandfather).
Response: Hello. Thank you very much for submitting feedback on the "Remembrance Day 2015" information on the FedUni website. I will pass on the information about your grandfather's date of death to the staff involved in maintaining the records in this collection. We appreciate you taking the time to submit the feedback to rectify our records. 1 Jan 2021

Feedback: I would like to pay special thanks and commend the services provided by Roxanne Purvis from the Federation Uni library service. Roxanne has gone above and beyond her usual duties to help out with room booking and library services. She is an outstanding member of the team who reached out to find information to accommodate the special needs and disability requirements of my colleague. Her communication and replies were always very prompt and clear and I would be delighted if Roxanne received recognition for her hard work. She is an absolute asset to the university and I really am very grateful for her help. Many thanks again Roxanne!
Response: Hello, many thanks for taking the time to submit this wonderful feedback about the service provided by Roxanne. We know the team do a terrific job but not many people make the effort to thank them or let us know, so I really appreciate your doing so. I will ensure both Roxanne and her supervisors receive this feedback and that she is acknowledged appropriately. Best regards, Marion 7 May 2018

Feedback: Article Hello, the below article just comes up as an error when I click on it, is it possible that you email me a copy? kymmenz@students, MALE AND FEMALE LEADERSHIP – SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES Mirela Ciolac Network Intelligence Studies, 01 December 2013, Issue 2, pp.37-46
Response: Thanks for letting us know you're having trouble accessing a link. When I searched your article in the search box on the Library webpage, I was presented with two search results. One link did go to an error page, but the other search result clicked through to the .pdf of the article, so success. Sometimes the vendor is slow to update URL links when a publisher makes changes and this is probably what has happened in this case. We have reported the dead link to our vendor to be updated. A Library staff member will be in contact with you to link you through to your article. Best regards, Carmel. 1 Jan 2021

Feedback: I would like for the opening hours to be extended and opened on the weekends as it will be so much easier for students around the Berwick area to access the library.
Response: Hello, thanks for your feedback in relation to the library opening hours at the Berwick campus. The Library there is currently open from 8.30 am to 7pm Mon-Thurs, 8.30 am to 5pm on Friday and from 1-5pm on Sundays during semester. The online resources are available 24/7 of course. Are you able to let us know more specifically what your additional requirements might be, so that we can consider your needs in our planning, please. Many thanks, Marion 7 Mar 2018

Feedback: Hi Team, I was just trying to look for library opening hours and when I clicked on this page: at the bottom the link promises opening hours - but there are only contact details listed. Just letting you know. Cheers, Sara
Response: Hello Sara, Many thanks for taking the time to let us know about this error - we'll get on and fix it pronto. I hope you found the opening hours; if not, they're on the homepage and at Thanks again, Marion 9 Jan 2018