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Feedback: Please pass this information along to the relevant person/people. While browsing on a site called "Remembrance Day 2015, I came across an entry for William Kenneth Moss. He was an art teacher at the School of Mines Art School. The date of his death is listed incorrectly as c.1924. He died in October 1921. (W.K. Moss was my grandfather).
Response: Hello. Thank you very much for submitting feedback on the "Remembrance Day 2015" information on the FedUni website. I will pass on the information about your grandfather's date of death to the staff involved in maintaining the records in this collection. We appreciate you taking the time to submit the feedback to rectify our records. 11 Jul 2018

Feedback: I would like to pay special thanks and commend the services provided by Roxanne Purvis from the Federation Uni library service. Roxanne has gone above and beyond her usual duties to help out with room booking and library services. She is an outstanding member of the team who reached out to find information to accommodate the special needs and disability requirements of my colleague. Her communication and replies were always very prompt and clear and I would be delighted if Roxanne received recognition for her hard work. She is an absolute asset to the university and I really am very grateful for her help. Many thanks again Roxanne!
Response: Hello, many thanks for taking the time to submit this wonderful feedback about the service provided by Roxanne. We know the team do a terrific job but not many people make the effort to thank them or let us know, so I really appreciate your doing so. I will ensure both Roxanne and her supervisors receive this feedback and that she is acknowledged appropriately. Best regards, Marion 7 May 2018

Feedback: Article Hello, the below article just comes up as an error when I click on it, is it possible that you email me a copy? kymmenz@students, MALE AND FEMALE LEADERSHIP – SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES Mirela Ciolac Network Intelligence Studies, 01 December 2013, Issue 2, pp.37-46
Response: Thanks for letting us know you're having trouble accessing a link. When I searched your article in the search box on the Library webpage, I was presented with two search results. One link did go to an error page, but the other search result clicked through to the .pdf of the article, so success. Sometimes the vendor is slow to update URL links when a publisher makes changes and this is probably what has happened in this case. We have reported the dead link to our vendor to be updated. A Library staff member will be in contact with you to link you through to your article. Best regards, Carmel. 4 Apr 2018

Feedback: i would like for the opening hours to be extended and opened on the weekends as it will be so much easier for students around the berwick area to access the library.
Response: Hello, thanks for your feedback in relation to the library opening hours at the Berwick campus. The Library there is currently open from 8.30 am to 7pm Mon-Thurs, 8.30 am to 5pm on Friday and from 1-5pm on Sundays during semester. The online resources aare available 24/7 of course. Are you able to let us know more specifically what your addiitonal requirements might be, so that we can consider your needs in our planning, please. Many thanks, Marion 7 Mar 2018

Feedback: Hi Team, I was just trying to look for library opening hours and when I clicked on this page: at the bottom the link promises opening hours - but there are only contact details listed. Just letting you know. Cheers, Sara
Response: Hello Sara, Many thanks for taking the time to let us know about this error - we'll get on and fix it pronto. I hope you found the opening hours; if not, they're on the homepage and at Thanks again, Marion 9 Jan 2018

Feedback: Dear Sirs: I have a book purchase suggestion for your library (education). The following book of mine has just been released (hard cover and ebook): I thought the topic might be a good fit for your library. All the best, Sabine Hoidn
Response: Dear Sabine, Thank you for sending through that recommendation. You'll be pleased to learn that the e-book is already in our collection. Best regards, Marion 10 Dec 2017

Feedback: To whom it may concern, Throughout week 12, there were minor building works occurring in the library. However, there were signs everywhere saying that throughout SWOTVAC and exams the building works would cease. However, it is now the exam period, and I can currently hear hammering and drilling coming from downstairs, and it is incredibly distracting. I wish to complain about the noise, as well as the false advertising of the cessation of the building works. I hope this issue can be resolved quickly. Regards, Stephanie Wall
Response: Hello Stephanie, Thanks for this feedback - you are right, we did promise that it would be quiet during SWOTVAC and exams and there has been quite a bit of noice this morning. I do apologise. We are mindful that this is the time of year when quiet is important in the library and were assured prior to the work commencing that that would be the case. We are speaking with the builders and the drilling will cease very soon. Apologies again, and all teh best for your exams, Marion 13 Nov 2017

Feedback: I am REALLY struggling with the new library system for searching Databases for journal articles. Quick search used to allow me to enter a topic or key word and relevant articles were immediately found. I do not seem to be able to do this anymore and have now wasted at least an hour trying to work out how to find relevant articles. Extremely frustrating system
Response: Hello, thanks for giving up this feedback. I'm really sorry to hear that you are frustrated and wasting time - that's not what we want your experience to be. So that one of our librarians can both help you and learn more about the problems and try to fix them, could you please contact us directly about this? Whatever suits you, either in person at any campus library, or via one of our virtual services: Phone 1300 552 567 Email:, Online chat or submit a question: Many thanks, and hope we hear from you soon, Marion 9 Nov 2017

Feedback: The library needs to do something about their borrowing policy. I have 3 books that are 4 days overdue (not a long time in my opinion) and I can't renew them because I've "exceeded maximum level overdue".
Response: Hello, Thanls for your feedback and my apologies for the dleay in responding to you (something went wrong in the notification system). You're right, you can't renew the books after they are already overdue; however, if you can contact us we can generally do it for you, provided no-one else has a hold on them. If this happens again, please contact us and we'll do what we can to help you out. Otherwise, try and remember to renew them before they're overdue - you should be getting email reminders but if you're not check your spam settings. Thanks, Marion 13 Nov 2017

Feedback: I came on Saturday to study and found library closed. I was very dissatisfied. I know it's semester break time but l have my nursing exams coming up soon. I feel it would help to at least have camera systems and tags to enable us to access the library 24 hrs. If gyms can do it we should be able to also
Response: Thank you for your feedback and apologies for the late response; there were some issues with the feedback system in early October and we have only just become aware that some items were not responded to. While the libraries were closed over weekends through the semester break, there are a range of extended hours student commons spaces available that provide a great alternative for students wishing to study on campus. Some of these require swipe card (ID card) access and details about these spaces is available at Once again apologies for the inconvenience. 13 Nov 2017

Feedback: To whom it may concern, I have tried to study at silent areas in the library but it does no work. Other students like to discuss in groups in the silent areas and so I feel not comfortable. I hope there should be some strictly rules at silent areas. Thank you very much. Best regards, Thuan Tran
Response: Hello Thuan, thank you for your feedback. I can understand your frustration! Can I ask that you let a staff member know, either in person at whichever campus libray you are in, or via our phone/email/chat service ( so that we can speak to the other students and do something about it for you. Many thanks, Marion 18 Sep 2017

Feedback: I think this is a really excellent tutorial - thank you. It answered many of the questions which had been buzzing in my mind. Now to find out how to get those searches into EndNote....
Response: Hello, I'm not sure which tutorial you found helpful but I'm very glad it was. If you'd like some training on using EndNote, have a look at our guides for EndNote Web <> or EndNote desktop <>, depending which version you're using. There are also some classes being held soon; the schedule is at <>. If you are a postgrad student you can also make an appointment for a one-to-one session with a liaison librarian (in person or via the phone) at <>. Feel free to contact us, in person at any campus library or via phone/email/chat <> if you'd like further assistance. Best regards, Marion 11 Sep 2017

Feedback: Hi Library People Hope you are all well. Keep up the great work! Just had an idea! How about have a small supply of coffee and tea and a kettle available once all the other food outlets on campus have closed. Advise patrons to bring their own cups so no need for wash up. Milk can be stored in those very small UHT containers which you can bring out of your fridge for the afternoons. This may also attract extra patrons to the library in the afternoons and evenings. Plus it can allow those studying to have a nice cup of tea or coffee, then get back to more study. Just a thought! Thank-you.
Response: Hello, thank you for your kind words! Always great to hear that we're keeping our customers happy. Thanks also for suggesting this to us; it would be a nice extra service to provide. We'll see what we can do. Best, Marion 11 Sep 2017

Feedback: Hi I've been a bit frustrated in some of my searches that the 'Topic' filter does not include any geographical options. For example, if I want to just search for Australian papers on granites, I can't choose that as an option. I know I can type Australia into the search field at the top but for some reason it doesn't always work as a filter. Cheers, Tania
Response: Hi Tania, thanks for your feedback, I can understand your frustration! Can I ask that you submit that feedback to our Ask the Library Service ( and one of our librarian wizards can respond and provide some tips for easing that frustration. Thanks, Marion 1 Sep 2017

Feedback: Library-staff workload cutting measures implemented a few years ago are having a negative impact on the student client's study opportunity. The student is the main reason of revenue sourcing for the tertiary education system, the facilities and services. If for whatever reason a student lets the date laps on library borrowed materials prior to renewal and therefor the items in question become overdue a penalty is rightfully incurred. In the past this penalty was issued as either an embargo of being able to borrow items for a set period of time or a monetary compensation based on a daily increment. With the idea of reducing the workload of the library staff and potentially removing questionable honesty practices the monetary fine penalty option has been removed as a means of compensating for overdue penalties. Now a system of a student having their study stifled or opportunity reduced because they have to wait for a ban on borrowing to laps prior to making further withdrawals. At least in the past the student had the option to continue their already expensive learning experience by paying a monetary fine and continue to withdraw items as required which didn't impede their at home study or wait out a period in which they couldn't make library withdrawals. Given laziness is a human trait and work cutting is economically viable I can understand the reasoning for removing a cash system from the library. The true cost is that students are in a situation that when the exclusion on borrowing occurs it can be the difference between a fail or pass for that subject which equals potentially another semester of study which may even be geographical binding. Please bring back the monetary fine system to redeem the opportunity to atone for one's sin of punctuality in returning book and learning items.
Response: Thank you for your feedback in relation to the borrowing of library materials and penalties for overdue items. While I understand that having to wait out a penalty period after incurring demerit points on items that have not been returned or renewed can be frustrating, I am not in agreement that reintroducing a monetary system is a reasonable response. A 'fine' system is arguably less fair and less equitable and potentially gives some students an advantage in being able to hold items overdue and then 'pay' a fine that others may not be able to afford, in order to continue to borrow. The basic issue of overdue items is one that I am sympathetic to and I know that there are often legitimate reasons why items cannot be returned by the date due. However, there are ample opportunities for renewal both online and over the phone when students are not able to come into one of our campus libraries. FedUni Library has extended lending periods for many categories of borrowing and user groups and we have an extensive online collection for students to access when access to physical items is not possible. You make a number of references in your feedback to 'workload cutting measures' and other that I do not understand in the context of the penalties that the library has in place to manage overdue items. Work cutting measures have nothing to do with decisions about penalties for overdue materials. At all times the library is focussed on equitable outcomes for all students and our lending services are regularly reviewed with this in mind. Regards, Leeanne Pitman (Director, Library Services) 22 May 2017

Feedback: I want to thank all the library staff at Mt Helen. All members I have dealt with have been extremely helpful, kind and understanding of my difficulties with searching for papers, resources, learning how to use EndNote and the new library search system and even problems with on-line credit! In these days of increasing automation, I just want the Powers-That-Be to know that personal service cannot be replaced. I cannot praise the library staff highly enough - A Thousand Thank Yous to all of you!
Response: Thank you for providing such positive feedback! I'm delighted to hear that Library staff have provided such meaningful assistance to you, and I hope you feel fully empowered to use the Library's resources and systems. If you don't, no doubt we can continue to help :) 28 Apr 2017

Feedback: Your web page is convoluted & frustrating search engine on the face of the earth you can't get the same search result twice in a row.
Response: Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry to hear that you feel the library website is causing you problems. We have recently changed the website in response to some intensive usability studies with students and staff and other feedback has been very positive. Could I please ask which part of the website you were searching, was it in the catalogue or the Quicksearch box? If I know where I should be able to assist you. 7 Apr 2017

Feedback: Wanted to share with you that I adore the new site and the new graphics I'm seeing on campus! Well done all... this is gold standard stuff and the site is just so easy to navigate. Makes my brain happy. Cheers.
Response: Thank you for your feedback, it is such a pleasure to be able to provide a website that is user friendly. We will continue to work with students and staff to ensure it stays relevant and easy to use. 29 Mar 2017

Feedback: Hi All, The library link builder for making material available to students is not working - says the page cannot be found.
Response: Thank you for your feedback. This issue is probably due to the swap over to our new website. I have forwarded your feedback onto the team to remedy this problem Thank you for letting us know. 17 Mar 2017

Feedback: I think the library needs to change it's borrowing/renewal policy. I have 5 books out that I'd like to renew, they are 3 days overdue, but I can't because I've "exceeded highest level overdue".
Response: Thank you for your feedback. Our borrowing rules are in place to ensure that everyone is able to access the library's resources. We do ask students to make themselves aware of our rules so that theses issues don't arise. You are able to renew your items either in person at one of our libraries or online but this must be done before the due date. Something to keep in mind for the future. We are also in the process of looking at our borrowing rules and I will pass your feedback on to this group. 7 Mar 2017

Feedback: I am a return to study mature aged student undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing. I have not used a computer search sytem for a very long time. This tutorial was very helpful in informing me how the Fed Uni library works & how to undertake effective searches. Even though I may not retain all of this information I now know where to obtain this information & go back to it at anytime. Thank you
Response: Thank you for your feedback. We are pleased that the tutorial was of assistance to you and that it has given you confidence in working with our system. If you have any further questions about how to use our services please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 552 567 14 Feb 2017