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Uploading Federation University content to 'note-sharing' sites

Posted: Friday 19 October 2018

‘Note-sharing’ sites encourage students to upload content related to educational courses and offer the students incentives for this action. Be aware  that you expose yourself to legal repercussions if you upload content without holding the rights to that content.  You expose yourself to student disciplinary action for copyright infringement and for receiving payment for uploading University owned content.

Copyright of unit readings, book chapters and journal articles, lecturers handouts, exam questions and answers, or any other learning and teaching content is either owned by Federation University, or, rights for research, study and teaching use has been granted through a licence or fee. Students DO NOT have the right to use these materials in any other way. Placing these items online through ‘note-sharing’ sites ie Course Hero or StuDocu is an infringement of copyright or licence agreements.  It’s very important to realise that this may result in legal and/or student disciplinary action.  

Students DO own copyright in their work if they are the sole author.  Students have the right to upload their own work to ‘note-sharing’ sites such as Course Hero, StuDocu.  However, care must be taken that this is solely your own work (no images or words of others).  You may be in breach of University Policy if you receive payment for the material you share.  Also be aware that your identity can be made available.

If you have posted content to a note-sharing site which is not solely your work, you are strongly encouraged to take it down immediately.

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